Blue Line

Virtual Event
InterOp Canada 2023
October 11, 2023 at 11:30am ET

Panel: What does national interoperability look like?

Moderator: Pascal Rodier, Supt. (Ret.), MStJ, MA, CEM, PCP, SAS, senior emergency management, response and continuity leader

  • Mike Callaghan, Chief of Police, Belleville Police Service
  • Fire Chief Chris Case, Chatham-Kent Fire & Rescue
  • Jay Walker, Provincial Manager, Emergency Preparedness Special Operations, Nova Scotia EHS
True national interoperability would see integrated SOPs, two-way standards-based sharing of voice and data, national and provincial training exercises, and daily use. A panel of agencies including fire, EMS, police, and emergency managers will explore what interoperability would look like for their operations, how we can advance it, and what challenges lie ahead. 

Mike Callaghan, Chief of Police, Belleville Police Service
The Belleville Police Service hired Deputy Chief Mike Callaghan in January 2016 and he was promoted to Chief in November 2020. Prior to that, Mike worked for the Ottawa Police Service for 30 years. During his 30-year career with the Ottawa Police Service, Mike worked in patrol, the marine unit, the traffic motorcycle escort team, accident reconstruction unit, forensic identification, fleet services, criminal investigations, youth section, guns and gangs unit, firearms section, emergency planning, major event planning, duty inspectors program, and was a civil litigation liaison officer. Additionally, Mike is a nationally certified Level II Critical Incident Commander.

While a member of the Identification Section, he brought in the Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear Explosive (CBRNE) Team and was published in the American Medical Journal for his work around anthrax dispersion rates. Mike was seconded to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to work on their internal security logistics for the 2010 G8 and G20.

Since joining the Belleville Police in January 2016, Mike is actively involved in new initiatives including the first COPSHOP program held in December 2016. Mike was the past Chair of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police for the Training, Education and Professional Development Committee and received the Governor General’s award of “Officers Order of Merit” in 2019. Additionally, Mike has two sons, Josh and Shamus, who are police officers in Ottawa.

Fire Chief Chris Case
Chris Case is the fire chief for Chatham-Kent Fire & Rescue in southwestern Ontario. As a composite department, it covers over 20,000 square kilometres with 19 fire stations and 450 staff. Prior to emigrating to Canada with his family in 2016, Chris spent 25 years in the United Kingdom with Merseyside Fire & Rescue, covering the City of Liverpool and surrounding area. He served in every command in the Service and was responsible for the creation of multi-agency teams involving Police, Fire, Municipal and Security staff to develop responses to criminality, terrorism and multi-agency command.

In addition he was a Trustee of Her Majesties Royal Armouries and a visiting lecturer to a number of Universities and Colleges in the European Union. He is a graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers and a Fellow of the Institute of Explosives Engineers.

Jay Walker
J. Albert (Jay) Walker is a practicing paramedic who leads the Emergency Preparedness and Special Operations Program (EPSO) for EHS Nova Scotia. Jay has a Master of Arts in Leadership degree, with a specialty in Justice and Public Safety.  Prior to working in EPSO Jay has tenures as an educator, researcher, and lecturer on leadership and clinical practice at local and international forums. Using real-world examples, Jay will share light on how interoperability makes a difference during a crisis and how developing trusting relationships before responding minimizes risk and improves outcomes.