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Zello’s push-to-talk service free to first responders across the globe

March 23, 2020  By Staff

Zello, a push-to-talk voice messaging service that enables collaboration for workers and communities, announced today that its enterprise-grade solution is now available at no cost to first responders, anywhere in the world.

Through its Zello for First Responder program, U.S.-based first responders were previously able to use the professional version of Zello for free. The Zello app is already localized in 22 languages and the program benefits now extend to any first responder organization in the world, the company stated.

“Zello has often emerged as a critical tool in times of crisis for co-ordinating preparedness and res-cue efforts. The current Coronavirus pandemic is no exception. Zello has also mobilized staff to quickly handle the surging demand for the program. The company has in fact been receiving multiple applications per hour, an all-time high,” it continued.

“As we watch COVID-19 unfold, we are anticipating strains on hospital and first responder systems”, said Bill Moore, CEO of Zello. “During this time, first responders and their supervisors need to communicate to a broader set of people who don’t have radios or radio coverage. As such, we’ve decided to open the program to all first responder organizations worldwide at an enterprise level, in an effort to help curb the strain on these systems.”


In addition to the geographical coverage extension, the Zello for First Responder program now includes all enterprise-grade solutions, including location history for all users of the network, facilitated by Google Maps. Additional features include a searchable centralized archive of all communication and a new dispatch communication solution. Zello users can also send photos and messages to one another and to groups of up to 8,000 users, and can use it to share crucial information that, at times, can mean the difference between life and death.

“Zello is my team’s go-to resource for co-ordination in times of crisis,” said Cpt. Patrick Ryan, Maury County, with the Tennessee Fire Department, a participant in the Zello for First Responders program. “We live and work in a very rural area and use the app on a daily basis to coordinate operations for law enforcement as well as some local fire departments. The app is a great tool for agencies who operate on small budgets like ours. Were it not for Zello’s First Responder Program, we would not have access to this much-needed technology. Zello’s interoperability between different types of radio networks, including FirstNet, allows our departments to combine everyone’s radio channel onto one device.”

Firefighters, EMS personnel, police, 911 dispatchers, search and rescue teams and others use Zello in both emergency situations and on a routine basis to overcome challenges associated with expensive, legacy radio technology. Now, even more groups responsible for handling emergencies will be able to use their everyday phones to gain easy access to crystal-clear, encrypted communication. Unlike radio, Zello works between jurisdictions and functions on any cellular network or Wi-Fi connection (even in low bandwidth areas, according to the company).

If your organization is interested in the Zello for First Responders program, visit Zello First Responders to learn more and see if you qualify.

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