Blue Line

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Blue Line Expo 2022
April 28, 2022 at 11:00am ET


Ontario’s premier choice in customer service, de-escalation and law enforcement-related training

20 years of experience

We offer over 20 years of frontline customer service, and Ontario law enforcement roles combined with several years of curriculum and training development. Our team delivers training that is efficient, practical, and tailored to our client’s needs to ensure learner success.


Diverse Training Team

Our team offers a depth of experience and subject matter experts who’ve held various roles in Ontario special constable agencies, by-law enforcement agencies, police services, fire services, security services, and other emergency response organizations allowing us to meet your frontline training and emergency preparedness needs.


Communication is our Cornerstone

We specialize in communication and conflict management, de-escalation, strategies, and tactics to manage potential threats while creating communication opportunities to resolve situations without escalation, if possible.


Personal Safety and Defensive Tactics

Personal safety is an integral part of our programs. Whether it is within our Customer Service and Conflict Management program or our Ontario Law Enforcement program, we offer personal safety training to meet your needs.


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