Blue Line

Virtual Event
Blue Line Expo 2022
April 28, 2022 at 11:00am ET

1:00 pm
Panel Discussion – TRAINING


  • Stephan Vachon-Zee, Patrol Sergeant, Public Safety Unit Training Sergeant
  • Steve Nash
  • Michael McKenzie, Field Training and Academy Lieutenant - Orange County Sheriff's Office
  • Marc Parent CEO - Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, Québec (Ex-Chief of police of Montréal, Canada. FBINA)
Over the last few years, police departments have been called on to update the training they provide for their officers. Deciding how to change the training, or when to implement the new updates, have posed challenges for many agencies. In this session, you will hear from a range of industry professionals who focus on training strategies every day. You may learn from their experiences and find actionable information that you can try within your law enforcement team.

Stephan Vachon-Zee
Stephan VACHON-ZEE is currently assigned as a Patrol Sergeant, Public Safety Unit Training Sergeant/ Lead Coordinator, and Public Safety Unit Tactical Advisor for a major city Police Service in the Province of Alberta.

He started his career as a Security Officer and Security Supervisor for West Edmonton Mall from 2004 to 2006. In 2006, he was hired as a sworn police member and throughout his career he has worked as a Patrol Constable, Neighborhood Empowerment Team Constable (partnered with a social worker in a high crime area), Beat Constable, Training Section Constable, Gang Suppression Team Constable, and as the Training Coordinator for a Public Safety Unit. Throughout these assignments, he has taught various disciplines and he is currently focusing on Instructor Development and Supervisory training as it relates to Crowd Management, Crowd Control, and the Public Safety Unit.

He also spends a great deal of time focusing on patrol level development. He has also had the opportunity to work for Canadian Innovative Protective Solutions Inc. for several years as a Tactics Instructor. Currently he is the Specialty Training Coordinator for this company. This company has allowed Stephan to instruct topics to various Peace Officer agencies. His focus is on developing and delivering challenging courses that meet the needs of law enforcement during these ever changing times.

Stephen (Steve) Nash
Steve is a full spectrum teacher, mentor, trainer who has spent the past 35 years engaging with individuals and teams seeking to maximize their awareness, performance, and long term success.

He has presented and taught from grade six to grade 12, as well as at the college and university levels. His background experience includes almost 25 years as military officer/commander, serving at home and abroad in The Royal Canadian Regiment, the Canadian Airborne Regiment, the UK Parachute Regiment (on exchange) and Canadian Special Operations Forces Command.

Further, he has 10+ years working with at risk youth, and 20+ years running his own company, Traditional Excellence Human Performance. With a commitment to Canadian military and law enforcement, Steve has worked with many military organizations as well as federal, provincial and regional police services, specializing in developing high performance teams and leaders.

As an example, he has created and delivered the Tactical Team Leaders’ Course for the Ontario Tactical Advisory Body since 2005. He is a true life-long learner with Bachelor degrees in Arts (History) and Education (Outdoor and Experiential), Master degrees in Defence Studies (Use of Force) and Education (Leadership), with a Doctorate of Education (Leadership and Innovation) underway.

By personality he tends to be outgoing, often inspiring, with a preference for interactive ‘live’ discussion and he ALWAYS looks forward to engaging with great people with a focus on leadership/group dynamic, human performance under stress, and resiliency.

You can also visit Traditional Excellence Human Performance on Facebook or Steve Nash on LinkedIn, or you might also be interested to read the article about Steve and part of his special operations experience at the link:

Michael Mckenzie
Michael Mckenzie is employed with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (Florida, U.S.A.) as the Field Training and Academy Lieutenant assigned to the training section. He has served as a police officer for the City of Oviedo Police Department for five years and now with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for 18 years.

Lieutenant Michael Mckenzie is also a retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer, serving both active duty and reserves for 22 years. While on active duty Navy, he was the Course Manager and Lead Instructor for the U.S. Navy Military Police Academy, earning his Master Training Specialist designation and Law Enforcement Teaching Certificate.

His current assignment with the training section has allowed him to continue his passion for teaching and training agency personnel.

Marc Parent
After a successful 31 years with the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal, including five years as chief, Marc Parent joined Commissionnaires du Québec in August 2015 as the CEO. He completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a Master’s in Public Administration, his master’s thesis focusing on learning organizations, and a diploma from the FBI Academy (FBINA). He has an in-depth understanding of social and work environments allowing organizations to manage paradoxical issues involving all stakeholders. Marc Parent is a driving force in promoting high-performance cultures that leads to an adaptive capacity to act.