Blue Line

Virtual Event
Blue Line Virtual Symposium & Product Showcase
July 23, 2020 at 1:00pm ET

Evidence-based police training: Improving performance, decision making and resilience

Steven Poplawski, Step Training Inc. and Judith P. Andersen, University of Toronto Mississauga

Traditionally, police training has been focused primarily on learning skills to manage external factors encountered on the job. What is needed is a paradigm shift in training, with a focus on officers’ internal processes, including the modulation of stress, cognition and emotions. Backed by years of evidence-based research, techniques have been developed to assist in this process.

The speakers will provide an overview of this training and demonstrate why the need for change exists.

Judith P. Andersen
Judith P. Andersen, PhD, is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. She is the director of the Health, Adaptation, Research on Trauma (HART) Lab. Andersen studies the psychophysiology of stress and related health and occupational issues. Andersen’s research has informed the development of an intervention (iPREP) to enhance health and occupational effectiveness among public safety personnel by modulating autonomic nervous system reactivity to stress.

Steven Poplawski
Steven Poplawski, BA., is a retired senior constable and Ontario use of force instructor. As the director of Step Training Inc., Poplawski conducts training in areas of de-escalation, communication, validation, facilitation and resilience for municipal officers and staff, police agencies (internationally), public service and the education professionals. More information at