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Vancouver justice project works to strengthen system in Guyana

Members of the Guyana Police Force have been getting a helping hand from the Vancouver-based Justice Education Society, a non-profit organization with a 25-year history of working to strengthen justice systems in Canada and abroad, according to a Postmedia article.

January 22, 2018  By Staff

It goes on to read:

JES has brought Canadian police to Guyana to improve training standards and introduce new investigative techniques. Judges and prosecutors from Vancouver have also travelled to Georgetown to share their expertise with their Guyanese counterparts. Sixteen B.C. experts have come here in the two and half years since JES’s Guyana project was launched.

In Guyana there is public distrust of the police and the court system. Witnesses to crimes often refuse to give statements to police. In fact, at the scene of a minibus driver’s murder, two women who saw the gunman told Postmedia they had no plans to talk to investigators.

In B.C., JES runs popular educational programs about the court system for students of all ages, the article says.


“Internationally, the Vancouver group has built a reputation for working on justice reform projects in some of the world’s most dangerous countries, including El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.”

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