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True Blue gun lubricants and cleaner is firearms-specific

November 19, 2019  By Staff

The technology that made Dumonde Tech Racing Oil a well-known name is now available in weapon-specific formulations, featuring the Dumonde Tech Racing Oils Micro Resistant Complex Compounds™ (MRCC).

Originally developed for motorsports oils, MRCC technology creates a “lighter viscosity while maintaining high protection, very low coefficient of friction and increase in adhesion,” says the company, “creating much higher film strength over common, traditional technology and claims.”

By design, Dumonde Tech says it oils migrate for complete wetting of the surfaces. This formulation is a “liquid plastic.” Through heat and pressure, polymerization forms a long-lasting plating on all surfaces. This means neither the gun oil or heater grease will not become sticky or gooey, Dumonde Tech notes.

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