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Toronto Police Association asks the Toronto Police Services Board to support its call for bail reform and other legislative

May 3, 2022  By The Canadian Press / GlobeNewswire

May 2, 2022, Toronto, Ont. – The Toronto Police Association deputed at the monthly meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board on bail reform and other legislative changes that would help curb gun and gang violence.

Following a report by Chief of Police James Ramer, Toronto Police Association Jon Reid presented three points for legislative change:

  • The creation of a new criminal code offence specifically for breaching a conditional release because, while the new charges may fall within the criminal code, the breach itself is not considered criminal.
  • Enhanced reporting mechanisms for our justice system partners in the parole system; specifically, for a supervising entity to be obligated to report breaches of conditional release thereby enhancing offender and institutional accountability.
  • Reform to the bail process, specifically the concept of just cause – to ensure attendance in court, the protection or safety of the public, and maintaining confidence in the administration of justice.

Each are to be considered as three separate grounds, independent from each other and each sufficient on its own to justify detention.

The presentation to the Police Services Board follows the efforts of the Association in Ottawa the week of April 25, 2022, where Police Associations from across Canada participated in multi-day meetings with Members of Parliament, coordinated by the Canadian Police Association.

“The Toronto Police Association supports the efforts of its members in intelligence-led, strategic operations as well as in the various intervention and prevention initiatives, including a comprehensive Gun and Gang Strategy Framework,” said Reid. “However, the

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