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The HALEO Clinic announces the signing of a multi-year contract with the Montreal Police Association

March 10, 2022  By Blue Line Staff

Mar. 10, 2022, Montreal, Que. – The HALEO Clinic, a centre of expertise in virtual sleep therapy, has announced the signing of a multi-year contract with the Montreal Police Association (FPPM) to provide care related to sleep disorders for the 4,500 Montreal police officers and their families. The agreement complements one of the most comprehensive suites of services already offered to FPPM’s members, including the police assistance program (PAPP). This agreement provides users with unlimited access to the innovative sleep disorder treatment programs offered by the HALEO Clinic.

Police officers are five times more at risk of suffering from sleep disorders than the general population. The reality of police work accentuates these risks due to rotating shift schedules and high-stress situations to which police officers are subjected to. This lack of sleep can have a negative impact on their quality of life and on their ability to make sound decisions quickly, which is a critical part of the job.

HALEO has developed a suite of treatment programs for sleep disorders, particularly targeting police officers and first responders. These five-week programs are delivered by a professional through video conferencing in a secure mobile app. These innovative protocols greatly increase accessibility to care related to sleep disorders and allow rapid admission to a program, without ever physically stepping foot in a clinic.

The addition of a program aimed at helping police officers improve their sleep is an important addition to an already comprehensive range of solutions to properly support those at the front during emergency situations. Police officers have been particularly tasked over the last two years. Poor sleep has been known to be a major reality of the profession; the addition of the HALEO program is a step forward, and the results are expected to be extremely beneficial.


“We are very proud of this partnership which is an integral part of our mission to increase access to specialized care related to sleep disorders. The FPPM already offers one of the best police assistance programs in the world and it was natural for us to offer our services to its members. It is a partner of choice, and we salute their leadership”, Julien Heon, Vice-President Growth and Customer Success at HALEO.

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