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Sudbury police services board elects new leadership

January 20, 2022  By Colleen Romaniuk, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Jan. 20, 2022, Sudbury, Ont. – Sudbury’s police services board appointed city councillor Al Sizer to the position of board chair during a virtual meeting on Tuesday.

Former board chair Lise Poratto-Mason, who is stepping down after nearly a year and a half of service, recommended Sizer for the position.

Poratto-Mason agreed to remain on the police services board as a member, but declined a nomination for vice-chair.

Instead, the former board chair recommended the reappointment of Frances Caldarelli, who was unanimously voted in for another term.


“I have to say I have certainly enjoyed being your chair for the last year and for almost six months before that being your acting chair,” Poratto-Mason said before the vote. “In terms of my ability to commit to this board, I feel that it’s time I stepped down as chair, and I certainly want to make a recommendation. I recommend member Sizer who has shown great interest not only as a member of council, but a member of this board.”

Poratto-Mason added that Caldarelli has been “a great influence” on the police services board.

“Perhaps she would agree, and then we can elect her to continue as vice-chair,” she said.

Ward 2 Coun. Michael Vagnini nominated board member Richard Bois as a candidate for board chair. Bois declined.

“My appointment to the board expires in June and I don’t know what the status of that is going forward,” he said. “For the purpose of continuity of the board and their business, I will decline at this time. I’d like to thank the board for their nomination. It does interest me.”

Sizer, the city’s Ward 8 councillor, was unanimously voted in as the board chair for 2022.

It was Sizer who recommended Poratto-Mason for the position of vice-chair, but she declined due to other commitments.

“Unfortunately, as I’ve indicated, I will not be able to commit that amount of time. I am happy to remain as a member and I thank member Sizer for the nomination, but I decline,” she said.

Caldarelli then nominated Bois as a candidate for board vice-chair.

“For the same reason of continuity of the board, I decline. I’d like to throw my full support behind Caldarelli,” he said.

She was unanimously voted in as board vice-chair for another term.

The police services board also welcomed the Greater Sudbury Police Service’s new deputy chief, Sara Cunningham, during the virtual board meeting.

“She comes to the position with 24 years’ experience with the Greater Sudbury Police Service as the inspector of strategic operations and the chief’s executive officer,” Poratto-Mason said.

“The deputy chief holds her bachelor of arts from Laurentian University, a certificate of supervision from the University of Waterloo and recently completed the police leadership program at the Rothman School of Business at the University of Toronto.”

Poratto-Mason said that Cunningham “stood out in a competition” with strong leadership skills and a community-focused approach to policing and leadership.

“She demonstrates a strong commitment to working with diverse groups and to community engagement. We are thrilled to have Sara join the executive team and to be a representative on our board,” she said.

– The Sudbury Star

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