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“Spouse’s Got Your Six” fundraiser seeks to raise awareness for PTSD in law enforcement

August 23, 2019
By Staff

A new fundraiser for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), called “Spouse’s Got Your Six,” is aiming to also raise awareness specifically about PTSD in law enforcement.

The fundraiser is offering stainless steel rings in black or silver with a blue line in the middle for $20. The money will go towards supporting Ontario officers and their families, as all net proceeds go to CAMH.

“Spouse’s Got Your Six” is the brainchild of Kim Meunier, a spouse of a serving OPP sergeant diagnosed with PTSD.

“I want to raise awareness and provide opportunities for others to seek help,” Meunier says.


The initiative started last month and is expected to run until January 2020 or longer if there is more interest, according to Meunier.

“It’s been overwhelming — the outpouring support received so far,” she says. “I’m hoping to continue to grow this initiative so I can add a few more organizations to donate to in the near future, such as Boots on the Ground. It is heart wrenching to have heard so many stories from purchasers suffering… It’s unbelievable how many first responders are affected.”

To order your ring, email Sizes 6-12 are available (full sizes only).

For more information, visit the Facebook page “Spouse’s Got Your Six” or call or text Meunier at 705-266-5177.

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5 Comments » for “Spouse’s Got Your Six” fundraiser seeks to raise awareness for PTSD in law enforcement
  1. Scott Low says:

    Waiting for rings .. are they coming…. ? Cant wait to recieve them.. question are they in the mail . Bin 3 weeks or so.. thxs cant wait

  2. Scott Low says:

    Ok still havent recived them wifes on my back lol ill give kim a call .. need her number off 2 weeks.. not near work as of now. Could u call her 4 me??? Over 7 weeks due to holidays pls let me know if u can… ill touch base thxs
    Scott YRP. BADGE 6018

  3. Kim Meunier says:

    Scott thanks for your msg. I just received your cash via Canada post and rings have been shipped. Mail service is slower during the holiday season hence why it took a while to receive your funds. If I can assist you with anything else, please let me know.

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