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Short but sweet

January 26, 2021  By Mario Cywinski

Taking over as the interim editor of Blue Line magazine in late October was no small feat, as following Renée Francoeur, I definitely had big shoes to fill. And in no time at all, two issues have been done, it’s the holidays and the calendar is changing to 2021.

This was definitely different than any magazine I have worked on previously. I’ve worked on automobile, machinery, maintenance, manufacturing, small business, even stamps and coins, but never a law enforcement magazine. It has been a fascinating and wonderful experience.

In my short time, I have met some great people and enjoyed my time as the interim editor of Blue Line. I have always been a big fan of law enforcement shows on television, and the first thing I noticed working on Blue Line, is that how they are portrayed on television, and what the job entails in real life, are two different things.
Switching gears, let’s do a quick rundown of what is in this issue. Blue Line’s cover story focuses on how police agencies have a role in collecting data about how sexual assaults on transit are committed. Justin Biggs of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police looks at case studies and how data can be gathered. Two features look at mental health, with Colleen Stevenson discussing why we are “Not meant to make it alone,” and Michelle Vincent looking at “Expanding the Peer Support Role.”

Peter Collins’ Behavioural Sciences column discusses conspiracy theories and denialists, which have been seen recently with the coronavirus, and protests against premiers and public health officials. Mike Novakowski’s Case Law column examines how a “Strip search did not re-trigger S.10(b) Charter advisement.”


Also in the issue is “The Strategic Constable” by Matthew Wood, which looks at how to develop resilient police constables in Ontario, “Mind the ‘brand’ gap” by Roxanne Beaubien, Back of the Book by Christ D. Lewis and and all our regular departments.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to introduce Brieanna Charlebois, who is taking over as the editor of Blue Line. She joined Annex Business Media (Blue Line’s parent company) as an associate editor with the company’s fire service magazines in December 2019. Some interesting facts about Brieanna, she went to Ohio University/Scripps School of Journalism on a (D1) soccer scholarship, and graduated with two degrees in Journalism and Psychology. She later got her Master’s in Journalism from Carleton University. Brieanna also has a three-year-old puli dog named Bodie (named after downhill skier Bode Miller), the connection
makes sense when you realize that she was a competitive ski racer while in her youth, and has coached downhill racing at Blue Mountain.

I am now passing the torch, which I held briefly, to Brieanna, with whom Blue Line readers are in good hands. Thank you!

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