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Secure Box Live says it offers the world’s first wearable gun safe

November 19, 2019
By Staff

The all-new SBL M Series Active 3 holster from Secure Box Life is the result of a “collective obsession to make the best-looking holster ever with world-class security features.”

The company credits this product as “the world’s first lockable aluminum holster with two keys.” If you want to responsibly store your firearm with the SBL M series holster, just insert the key into the lock, turn, and your firearm is securely locked inside the holster.

It also comes with a security cable that can withstand the cut force of 1,500 lb, according to Secure Box Live. This feature keeps thieves from running off with your M series holster when your firearm is locked inside.

The SBL M Series Active 3 holster has a uni-body tamper-resistant trigger cover hood. This trigger cover hood is made of solid aluminum construction. The holster comes with a lifetime warranty.



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