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Scanforce is an invisible, hands-free, metal detector glove

Founded in 1789, Rostaing is the French pioneer, designer and manufacturer of protective technical gloves for activities from the most dangerous to the most technical and precise.

November 15, 2018  By Staff

The military, police and security, safety and surveillance sectors are Rostaing’s core business.
Rostaing is regularly updating innovative solutions thanks to the everyday instructions and field expertise received from the army, police and security personnel they are supplying.
With Scanforce, Rostaing says it “innovates and revolutionises security checks with a line of invisible hands-free metal detector, gloves and accessories, perfectly adapted to all security checking mission.”
Scanforce provides “total reactivity” to check people while keeping hands free to react quickly when the situation requires: handcuffing, immobilisation techniques, use of weapons…
You can search without physical contact, detection sensitivity distance of 1.5 to 2 inches (4 to 5 cm).
During the search, a vibration discretely warns the officer and not the person being checked. Scanforce can detect a handgun, a knife or any other small metal objects the size of a paper clip.
Scanforce, as an invisible, hands-free, metal detector glove, is securing control with full freedom of movement and facilitates police officers’ missions.

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