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Sarnia Police Service launch camera registry

January 13, 2020  By Staff

The Sarnia Police Service, along with Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers and Allstate Insurance (Sarnia Agency), have launched a local camera registry initiative.

By taking an active approach in registering security cameras that monitor the area surrounding a residence or business, the Sarnia Police Service (SPS) says it will be able to save time and potentially gain valuable information to solve a crime or locate a missing person. These registries exist in numerous municipalities throughout North America, the service notes, and are proven to be a valuable resource.

“In addition, security cameras are an excellent tool to assist in deterring and solving crimes,” SPS says.

Registration is a simple process that can be done online through the service’s website at no charge. All collected data is private and will not be shared with the public. The program is completely voluntary and at no time does SPS have access to a camera’s information unless permission is granted by the owner.


With this initiative, when circumstances arise, investigators can see potential video sources that are located throughout the city and that will save time by not having to canvas the entire area. Officers would still require permission to access that information from a camera’s data storage.

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