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August 30, 2012  By Paul Cabral

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Safer motorcycle patrols key goal to competition

by Paul Cabral

The Great Lakes Motorcycle Training Seminar has grown in participant numbers and popularity since its establishment in 1999, drawing motorcycle officers from both Canada and the US.


The name ‘Great Lakes’ reflects the geographical area the competition encompasses and the agencies and organizations that assist in hosting each year. Deeley Harley Davidson is always at the forefront as the events major sponsor.

Since its inception the seminar has had four main goals:

1) Establish and promote safe motorcycle riding skills within the police community.

2) Promote awareness of the police motorcycle officer in the public arena as safe and responsible.

3) Establish a cohesive fraternity and encourage kinship in the law enforcement motoring community.

4) Support local and regional charities affiliated with police.

The competition is divided into three divisions, novice, intermediate and expert riders. All use Harley Davidson motorcycles, with and without fairing.

The competition has three main components. Seven to ten cone patterns, a slow ride pattern that demonstrates balance and control riding as slowly as possible and finally the “challenge ride,” which is a fun and dynamic course that riders are not allowed to practice. There are other challenging competitions; a partner ride competition where two motorcycles are tethered by an 18″ cable and an elimination course appropriately named “last rider standing”.

This year’s seminar was held August 8-11 at the Ontario Police College (OPC) in Aylmer, Ontario. The Great Lakes Committee chose the OPC as it was celebrating its 50th anniversary in police education and training. This years seminar attracted 85 motorcycle officers from Canada and the US.

Congratulations to Chuck Kaizer of the OPP on winning the 2012 championship and James Mulligan of Ottawa Police on winning the 2012 novice skills competition.

The Great Lakes Motorcycle Training Seminar for 2013 will be hosted by the Ottawa Police Service August 7-10.


Visit for more information about this and next year’s event.

Paul Cabral, a constable with the Waterloo Regional Police, can be contacted at .

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