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RCMP expands Reserve Program for former police officers

Since 2004, the RCMP says its Reserve Program has provided experienced police officers with an opportunity to continue serving Canadians, while helping the RCMP provide short-term operational relief when more police resources are needed.

May 25, 2018  By Staff

Reservists are experienced police officers who have retired or resigned in good standing. They are hired to provide valuable support for full-time members who are on leave, or during special events or emergencies.

Treasury Board has authorized the RCMP to expand this essential program from 400 to 1200 reservists. The RCMP will also begin accepting applications from former police officers of other Canadian law enforcement agencies in the near future.

“For regular members, it helps prevent stress and burnout from excessive overtime,” said Ralph Goodale, Canada’s minister of public safety. “For reservists, it offers an opportunity to serve their community and earn extra income, without having to make a long-term commitment. It is a useful tool to help keep Canadians safe and protect their rights.”


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