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April 21, 2016
By Tom Rataj

Ford now offers a factory-installed super-low-profile LED visor light-bar that is mounted inside the Police Interceptor Utility vehicle.
Fully integrated where the headlinder and windshield meet, it provides maximum driver visibility and a clean outward stealth appearance. A custom windshield without the standard dark shade bar is installed as part of this option, providing superior colour visibility and brightness.
The programmable red and blue light-bar also feature white take-down lights and scene feature.

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The Sea-Doo SAR, a search and rescue watercraft, seamlessly includes the features you need to respond to life threatening situations. It’s ideal for rescue situations from surf to whitewater, during floods or along rocky coasts. Features a 1,500cc Rotax engine, dual sponsons with running boards for greater stability and buoyancy, heavy-duty front bumper, 2.8mm shock and abrasion protective elastomer hull coating, rescue-sled attachment, navigation lights fore and aft, 2nd generation on-water brake and shallow-water navigation kit for improved shallow-water capability. Sale restricted to commercial clients and government organisations only.




When caring for a loved one with a tendency to wander, their safety is yours and our top priority. MedicAlert Connect Protect is a new partnership service wherein your local police have quick 24/7 access to your loved one’s identity & vital medical information.
The 24/7 hotline is answered in an average of 5 seconds, ensuring police have immediate access to the information they need and can notify family & caregivers, reducing anxiety for everyone. Medically trained staff help to ensure completeness of health information.
Currently partnered with Hamilton Police Service and Durham Regional Police.



The HL-85-HID-CPR handheld high intensity discharge (HID) spotlight from Larson Electronics is a lightweight, ultra rugged, ergonomic spotlight that operates on 12-24 volts DC with an included sixteen foot cord terminated in a cigarette-lighter plug. It is constructed with a single 55 watt HID lamp and features an advanced reflector and lens configuration to generate a 5,000 lumen light output. Drawing only 55 watts on a low voltage power source, this light produces a beam capable of reaching distances over 1.6km (1.05 miles).


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From the pioneer in polymer protective cases, comes the new line of Pelican Air cases which are up-to 40% lighter than their standard cases. The Pelican™ Air case has been designed to cut weight without compromising durability. Our engineers have revolutionized the protector case by reducing structural waste while preserving Pelican’s legendary standards of strength. In development for years, the design team challenged the status quo to “add lightness” in every detail. Featuring next-generation lightweight HPX™ resin and Honeycomb structural elements that are actually stronger than solid polymer material alone.



BioCleanz™ is an exceptional multi-use solution to the challenges of keeping a clean, safe and eco-friendly environment at home and in the workplace. It combines a superior odour-eliminator, disinfectant and a powerful green cleaning package into a gentle solution which cleans, disinfects and deodorizes effectively without harmful side effects. It’s a broad spectrum disinfectant with a 99.9999% efficacy.
Completely safe to use on body-armour, and other uniform and equipment, inside police vehicles, cells and challenging prisoner handling locations.

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