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Prod360 distributing Bio Bag, can protect against fentanyl in mail

February 24, 2020  By Staff

The Bio Bag was developed and patented by SEMA World R&D 24 hours after the first anthrax attack in the United States.

“This is a very useful device,” the company states. “It allows you to confine, to treat and to carry out any item liable to contain biologic or chemical harmful agents.”

The hermetic pouch provides chemical and biological protection of mail room material, according to Prod360, the Canadian distributor.

“The bag allows one to safely handle and open suspicious mail,” Prod360 continues. It adds it is a flexible, transparent bag that is easy to move.

“It can be used to secure doses of fentanyl in connection with the opioid crisis.”

The bag is also microbe resistance, high-energy radiation resistance and measures two feet by two feet.

Different sizes of the Bio Bag can also be manufactured to suit specific inquiries.



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