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Peel Regional Police to join Halton Regional Police Service Public Safety Broadband Network

Peel Regional Police is joining the Halton Regional Police Service’s Public Safety Broadband Network (a dedicated, secure, high-speed wireless data communications network for emergency responders and public safety personnel to communicate with each other during both emergency situations and day-to-day operations) to enhance both officer and public safety across the regions.

January 2, 2019  By Staff

“Halton and Peel Regions are home to some of the fastest growing communities in Canada. This growth demands an investment in new reliable data infrastructure to enhance emergency response. This is crucial in the minutes and seconds that help save lives during emergencies,” the agencies stated.

With the advent of newly mandated Next-Gen 911 services in Canada, data is becoming more important than ever in 911 emergency response, said Halton Deputy Chief Nishan Duraiappah. “Halton’s new Public Safety Broadband Network helps emergency services teams to more efficiently and effectively respond to crisis situations with access to key data in order to cut minutes and seconds off response times, which directly translates to more saved lives. Expanding this network through collaboration with neighbouring agencies across Ontario is about doing the right thing for public safety — providing stable, critical infrastructure not only in times of crisis but for day-to-day use.”

By joining Halton’s dedicated public safety LTE network, Peel Regional Police will have uninterrupted access to “mission-critical data applications including GPS, maps, pictures, videos and real-time analytics to help keep residents and visitors safe,” added George Krausz, Motorola Solutions Canada president.

For years, first responders have used voice (radio) to transmit messages to police officers and other public safety partners, including neighbouring police agencies to co-ordinate assistance to the public. Officers currently relay data through commercial networks which are designed for public use. The Ontario approach to a Public Safety Broadband Network will “guarantee resilient and secure access on these networks during crises or day-to-day operations.”


The Halton Public Safety Broadband Network core provides a platform across which voice, data and information can be seamlessly accessed and shared by police, fire and paramedic services during all stages of any major event, in any geographic location across Ontario.

Halton Regional Police Service’s Public Safety Broadband Network, provided by Motorola Solutions, is the first dedicated public safety LTE wireless network for Canada’s first responders.

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