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OPS launches new 1-800 line for human trafficking victims

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) has a new 1-800 line to offer support and help for those trapped in the abusive cycle of human trafficking.

February 25, 2019  By Staff

The toll-free number, 1-800-292-1168, connects directly with the OPS Human Trafficking Unit (HTU), where victims can get the help they need to get out of their situation, no matter where they are in Canada. Sex trade trafficking victims are often rotated from city to city, along the Montreal to Toronto corridor. Sometimes they are even transported across the border, into the United States.

“I’m not sure most residents of Ottawa are aware at how prevalent human trafficking is here. On any given day, there is at least one sex trade worker in every single hotel across the city,” said HTU Sgt. Damien Laflamme. “We are working closely with hotels and entertainment groups in the city to train frontline personnel on how to recognize signs of human trafficking and what they can do if they see it. But we also wanted to provide a way for victims or people with information to contact us, no matter where they are in Canada. We are here to help you.”

If you would like to learn more information about human trafficking, including recognizing the signs of trafficking in others, please visit


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