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Law Professional’s Guide to Investigating Impaired Driving, 4th Edition by Bryce Pashovitz

February 1, 2020  By Maple Books

Law Professional’s Guide to Investigating Impaired Driving, 4th Edition
Edited by Bryce Pashovitz; 2019, 369 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9867330-3-1

The fourth edition of Investigating Impaired Driving is a real-world practical guide to investigating and prosecuting impaired driving. With the assistance of frontline prosecutors and veteran police officers, the author unpacks a very complex area of the law, taking the reader step-by-step through the investigation and successful presentation of evidence in court.

Blue Line actually first reviewed this book in 2011 and said then that the book belonged in the toolkit of everyone serious about the successful investigation and prosecution of impaired driving. Almost a decade and four editions later, the book has become — as predicted — and remains the go-to guide for police and prosecutors across the country. It is comprehensive, well organized and easy to use. Written in plain English, it gives quick answers to frequently asked questions in a no-nonsense style.

The author analyzes the new Criminal Code provisions, providing strategies and practical as well as tactical advice on conducting successful investigations. The book is replete with case law and real-life examples.

The 30 chapters are broken down into small chunks, which means you can either read it cover to cover or skip right to the bits you need. It answers questions like: Can I ask the driver to blow in my face? How do I know if I have sufficient grounds? How long do I have to wait for counsel to call back?


The original author, Greg Koturbash, now sits on the British Columbia Provincial Court. Author Bryce Pashowitz, who has more than 20 years of prosecution experience and knowledge, has done an excellent job picking up where Judge Koturbash left off. He continues to offer what the boots on the ground need to know to succeed.

Investigating Impaired Drivers is the only book of its kind in Canada and a must-have resource for anyone serious about investigating and prosecuting impaired drivers!


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