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Hotline provides support to those who protect and serve their communities  

April 27, 2022  By Blue Line Staff

Photo credit: CopLine

April 2022 – CopLine is an international law enforcement hotline that is answered by retired law enforcement personnel. It was established as a lifeline for police officers both active and retired across the North America. The organization provides 24/7 coverage of trained peer support volunteers for intervention along with referrals to vetted mental health professionals.

“Not only is CopLine supporting our brother/sister officers across the U.S. and Canada with ‘On the Job’ issues, but we find ourselves assisting them with a different level of stress and anxiety in regards to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest and the unstable environment due to society’s view on police officers,” said James A. Alvarez, a retired LAPD Captain.

CopLine is a program that is meant to help officers and their families during times of need. It deals with the many psychological stressors that officers experience daily. The hotline is confidential and callers often remain anonymous; it is an environment that removes the stigma of discussing one’s feelings and, more importantly, the fear of any repercussions. Who better to discuss the graphic violence one encounters daily and the effects it has emotionally than another officer who may have experienced similar situations in his/her career? Thus having the ability to comprehend and show empathy.

CopLine’s volunteers are officers from various ranks and agencies from across the North America who desire to give back to those still wearing the badge.


The hotline can be reached at 1-(800) COP-LINE (267-5463).

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