Blue Line

HD Code Blue: A 2D code for first responders

In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence, and having the right information available could be lifesaving.

November 15, 2018  By Staff

HD Barcode has developed a complete solution designed to assist officers with accessing important information about their injured or fallen colleagues. HD Code Blue is a turnkey solution designed to help users embed comprehensive medical data of officers and their emergency contact information into a private 2D code that is only readable by department-issued approved reader devices. Personal information such as blood type, allergens, medications, emergency contacts, and other critical information is first input into HD Code Blue’s data entry program. With customizable templates, complete administrative control, and the ability to import or export to third party software, this process can integrate into existing personnel data entry procedures.

This information is converted into a secure 2D code called an HD Barcode, and printed directly on or applied to personal identification cards via a small label.

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