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HALEO presents data from its virtual care CBTi protocol for Shiftwork, showing reductions in symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and depression

June 10, 2022  By Blue Line Staff, HALEO

June 10, 2022, Montreal, Que. – HALEO recently announced interim real-world data from its virtual care CBTi protocol for Shiftwork delivered via videoconference (SW-CBTi), a program developed specifically for individuals with a complex rotating or nightshift schedule experiencing chronic insomnia, like members of law enforcement. Patients achieved significant reductions in symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and depression following the intervention.

“Shiftworkers, such as first responders, are dealing with greater complexity when it comes to their sleep and are more likely to suffer from insomnia. They often work in safety-sensitive roles, and their insomnia puts them at higher risk of workplace accidents. For employers, poor sleep also increases other risks such as employee turnover, as well as higher rates of absenteeism, disability, and mental health disorders”, said Brad Smith, CEO of HALEO.

Interim data showed participants treated with the HALEO SW-CBT-I program for shiftworkers experienced the following improvements:

  • ISI scores were significantly lower post-therapy (mean of = 7.23, SD = 4.11) compared to baseline (mean of = 16.90 SD = 3.69; significance of p<.001, Cohen’s d = 2.29).
  • HADS-Depression scores, which measure depressive symptoms, were found to be significantly lower post-therapy (mean of = 2.83, SD = 3.08) compared to baseline (mean of = 5.12, SD = 3.68) significance of Cohen’s p<.001, d = 1.03).
  • HADS-Anxiety scores, which measure anxiety symptoms, were also significantly lower post-therapy (mean of = 5.08, SD = 2.97) compared to baseline (mean = 6.92, SD = 3.73; p<.001, Cohen’s d = 0.83).

HALEO’s SW-CBTi program is being rolled out to thousands of first responders, manufacturers, health care workers and other shiftworkers as part of its corporate health & safety solution, which is being adopted by leading employers throughout North America.

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