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HALEO Clinic to offer its services to the Saint-Jérôme police department

November 1, 2022  By Blue Line Staff / HALEO

Photo credit: HALEO

Nov. 1, 2022, St-Jérôme, Que. – HALEO Clinic has signed a service agreement that will allow the St-Jérôme Police Department to provide care related to sleep disorders to the department’s 200 employees. This agreement complements one of the most comprehensive service offerings already offered to members of the department. This partnership provides service members with unlimited access to innovative sleep disorder treatment programs offered by HALEO Clinic.

Sleep disorders are well known to the general population, but police officers are five times more at risk to suffer from poor sleep. Indeed, their daily reality increases the risk that police officers have of suffering from a sleep disorder. HALEO can observe several causes including their atypical work schedules with rotating shifts as well as the intense stressful situations they face on a daily basis. A lack of sleep can have a direct impact on their quality of life on a personal level. At the professional level, considering the risks to which they may be exposed in the course of their duties, a lack of sleep impacting their decision-making capacity could also have harsh consequences.

The addition of a program aimed at helping police officers improve their sleep is an important addition to an already comprehensive range of solutions to properly support those at the front during emergency situations. Police officers, who are always very busy, have been in greater demand than ever over the past two years, and lack of sleep is a major reality of the profession; the addition of the HALEO program is a must, and the results will be extremely beneficial.

“Since the beginning of our discussions with the St-Jérôme Police Department, we have been greatly impressed by their willingness to help their employees. They have a growing need and we know that the HALEO program will help them reduce their sleep-related problems. The St-Jérôme police quickly understood this need and wanted to put the program in place as quickly as possible. We are more than proud to work alongside such an organization,” said Julien Heon, vice president growth and customer success at HALEO.


“I am very proud that the SPVSJ is innovative in this area, our employees ensure the safety of citizens 24/7. Sleep is essential to the optimal physical and mental preparation of our professionals” commented Danny W. Paterson M.O.M., Chief of the police department.

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