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GOSAFE mobile firearm security solution

March 31, 2023  By Blue Line Staff

Photo credit: GOSAFE

Jan. 2023, Stamford, Conn. – GOSAFE has introduced the GOSAFE Mobile Safe and GOSAFE Mobile Mag. GOSAFE devices are designed to offer an innovative solution for law enforcement and other security professionals by preventing unauthorized or unintentional use, providing peace of mind and speed to access and mitigating risk.

GOSAFE hopes to reimagine firearms storage by putting the safe inside the gun rather than the gun inside a safe. Both the Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag fit safely and securely inside the firearm, in the same manner as OEM magazines, accessible only via a unique-to-user key. Once the firearm is locked in GOSAFE mode there is no possibility of an unauthorized user intentionally or accidentally gaining access. The patented technology allows gun owners and professionals to go from loaded and ready to locked whenever and wherever they are.

The concept was designed by leading firearms experts, including former law enforcement and military professionals, to provide real-world security solutions for all gun owners.

“A growing number of gun owners expect viable and manageable solutions for firearms storage as well as a mobile option that provides them with the peace of mind to carry or store their firearm with confidence, and quick access when needed,” said Mark “Oz” Geist, GOSAFE co-founder, former marine and best-selling author. “Whether stored in the home, the car, a purse or carrying in a holster, a firearm in GOSAFE mode makes it impossible for children, home invaders or any unauthorized user to gain access—completely changing the landscape of gun safe options. GOSAFE ensures your firearm is ready when you need it and safe when you don’t.”


The GOSAFE Mobile Safe and the GOSAFE Mobile Mag both feature a unique high security key and are compatible with all holster varieties and generations of Glock. GOSAFE will be available for Smith & Wesson M & P and SIG P320 models in 2023 as well as other models in the future.

Exclusive packages for law enforcement and other security professionals are available.

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