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Goodway Technologies releases BioSpray-5

March 11, 2021  By Blue Line Staff

BioSpray Credit: Goodway Technologies

Disinfection has become an integral focus for many industries. In response, Goodway Technologies launched a lightweight, portable sanitation system that quickly disinfects surfaces to keep vehicle fleets sanitized and safe for shift changes. The BioSpray-5 works for applications where continuous cleaning is required; there is a need to turn around space quickly, and areas where sensitive electronic equipment is present.

BioSpray-5 surface sanitation system features include:

  • Quiet and non-electric, which means no power sources is required
  • Lightweight spraying system for easy application
  • A highly calibrated delivery system for more effective coverage
  • Ultra-portable for easy transport and storage
  • BioSpray systems use 88 per cent less chemical solution and speed up coverage by 64 per cent compared to trigger sprayers
  • The heavy-duty case can be used in rolling, or hand-held configurations

This technology delivers fast-acting sanitizing and disinfecting in a quick-drying formula that kills bacteria and viruses rapidly and evaporates in 60 seconds or less. It is also safe for use around water-sensitive equipment and machinery, making it a versatile solution in fleets that include advanced technology systems.


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