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Gas of Tank: A Canadian Law Enforcement Odyssey 1979 – 2019

July 26, 2022  By Dr. Janet Sproat, retired

Photo credit: Matthew St. Amand

By Todd Ternovan (retired OPP) and Matthew St. Amand

ISBN: 978-1778067501

Gas of Tank is an engaging, interesting and highly entertaining read. It is both funny and heart-breaking, poignant and moving, and I read it in just two sittings. The intricacies of policing are told as “story”… and what are our lives about if not telling one another our stories?

The book takes a deep dive into the world of criminals, at times humorous and at others times chilling. It explores the enormous sacrifices the men and women who keep us safe make each and every day, and their tenacity and courage. Ternovan presents a view of the whole spectrum of humanity – our capacity for kindness and compassion and our potential for great harms.


To the authors, thank you for giving a voice to those you have dedicated this book to – your colleagues and their families, your friends who have fallen. Thank you for helping us to understand the complex, challenging and tireless “force” that is policing. For the readers – the next time you drive under those dedicated overpasses on the 401, take note of those names of the brave folk who have given their lives in our service, and remember them and their families. Thank you Todd Ternovan and Matthew St. Amand for sharing your hearts.

– Dr. Janet Sproat, retired

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