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Facts about Ontario’s plan to target online ticket scalping

TORONTO — Ontario is targeting online ticket scalping with proposed legislation it plans to introduce this fall. Attorney General Yasir Naqvi says last year's near instantaneous sell-outs of the Tragically Hip's farewell tour shone a light on the issue. Here's what the new proposed legislation, dubbed the Ticket Sales Act, will look like:

June 27, 2017  By The Canadian Press

Bot bans: Although Naqvi had previously acknowledged that banning automated ticket-selling bots would be challenging, the new plan proposes to do just that. Naqvi says the province wants make the bots illegal. The new law would also make it illegal to sell tickets purchased with bots and to “facilitate” the resale of those tickets.

Enforcement: Naqvi said the enforcement of the new law will be up to both police and new government inspectors hired for the purpose. The law will apply to tickets for events that take place in Ontario regardless of where the ticket seller and buyer are based.

Resale caps: Another piece of the legislation will see the province put a cap on the resale value of tickets. Sellers will only be able to set prices up to 50 per cent above the ticket’s face value.

More disclosure: The proposed law will compel resellers to be more upfront with their customers. The act will force sellers to disclose not only the face value of the tickets for sale, but any additional surcharges as well.


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