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Face Forensics announces significant tattoo matching enhancements

February 1, 2021  By Blue Line Staff

Face Forensics has released a new version of its f2 tattoo recognition software which optimizes its use of feature primitives to increase accuracy and performance across a wide range of conditions such as cropping, rotation, foreshortening, fading, and partial views where, for example, clothing conceals part of the tattoo.

f2 Tattoo will automatically analyze and enroll images in an existing database containing tattoos, as well as import and enroll tattoo images held in folders.  It will automatically detect and encode new tattoos that are added to external databases.

The tattoo matching capability is available as a stand-alone/networked application, as a .NET SDK, and as a web service.  It can be configured to search tattoo databases across multiple machines on a VPN.

Tattoo recognition is part of the f2 image recognition suite, which includes full and partial face recognition, corpse identification, and scene recognition.  All modules can link together.

f2 Tattoo Recognition is available for evaluation at no charge by government agencies and suppliers to them. Full online assistance is provided.

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