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LEOSH 2020 Conference • CANCELLED

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June 17 - June 19, 2020
107 Tunnel Mountain Dr., Banff, Alta. T1L 1H5

National Law Enforcement in Occupational Safety & Health Association

The National Law Enforcement in Occupational Safety & Health Association (LEOSH) was established in 2005 and formally registered as a non-profit association in 2013.  Our mandate is to promote occupational health & safety and support the sharing of information and best practices among law enforcement agencies across Canada.  We also recommend, assist with and support OH&S policy enhancements and legislative changes to benefit all Canadian law enforcement members.  We have board members from agencies across Canada and organize an annual health and safety conference for members, usually around the third week of June and held in various major cities and sought-after destinations across Canada, with a focus on current OH&S issues and best practices.

If you are a law enforcement officer, you are probably wearing newer body armour, as a direct result of one police service’s H&S professional questioning of a Canadian research report stating that a three per cent failure rate of ballistic vests was acceptable. By sharing their findings at our 2013 conference, it directly changed the number of years when most of our services were replacing their vests.  Your safety and health is our number one priority.

If you, your association or service need help with anything related to OH&S, chances are someone else has already done the leg work for you.  To learn more about LEOSH or to contact us, please go to our website:

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