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Canadian Violence Link Conference

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November 04 - November 05, 2021

Animal abuse often occurs before or alongside the abuse of people. This is known as the Violence Link. In a social system that is over taxed and underfunded, the sector marginalizes animal welfare, even though evidence shows there is greater benefit in acting holistically, thereby providing better support for victims and reducing the vulnerability of animals and people. The Canadian Violence Link Conference is an innovative, ground-breaking event that examines the link between interpersonal abuse and animal abuse, looking at the vulnerabilities in both populations and how they intersect. This biennial conference brings together criminal justice system stakeholders that work to prevent and address violence against people or animals for cross-sectoral training on how to collaborate and stop the cycle of violence.

If you’d like to attend this conference but you’re not sure if your boss/supervisor will allow you the time or the funding for the registration fee, we have prepared the following template for you. Simply click on the button below to download an already-prepared letter that you can customize to send to your boss/supervisor.

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