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12th Annual Law of Policing Conference, East Coast Edition

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May 06 - May 07, 2021
Virtual Conference

The Canadian Institute is hosting the 12th Annual Law of Policing Conference, east coast edition, on May 6 – 7, 2021. Take part in this virtual two-day event to discuss the most pressing issues facing police services, police associations, police boards, peace officers, special constables and their counsel. Hear discussions on the following challenges:

  • National Round table on Police Service Act Reform
  • Think Tank Analyzing Models for Partnering with Health Care Authorities
  • Ensuring a Consistent Response when using De-Escalation and Use of Force Techniques
  • Top Challenges in Search and Seizure Laws
  • Practice Management for Ensuring Data Security and Privacy Act Compliance when Adopting Body-Worn Camera Technology
  • Enforcing the Federal Quarantine Act Covid-19 Pandemic Response Measures
  • Primer on Employee Accommodation and Return-to-Work Policy

This event brings together chiefs of police, in-house counsel, and a wide-variety of government and civilian agencies to delve into new legislation and precedent-setting case law, to determine the highest of police standards.

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