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Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement: A Guide for Officers and Their Families

This book should be on the “must-read” list for all police officers and their partners and other adult family members. For officers it will help them understand why they often feel the way they do, and for partners and family members it will help them understand why the officer in their lives behaves the way he or she does. Police managers and administrators would also be well advised to read this book to better understand and deal with the emotional dangers their personnel face during their careers.

March 8, 2017  By Tom Rataj

Because Dr. Gilmartin was a police officer for 20 years, he really understands the business and has lived through all the emotional ups and downs that most officers encounter during their careers.

In this easy-reading book, Gilmartin takes the reader on the law enforcement career journey from idealistic and eager rookie to what often becomes a burned-out cynical veteran and all the personal, family and career carnage that often results because of this transformation.

Much of the problem is that many officers are in an almost permanent state of hypervigilance which they have trouble turning-off when they are not at work. The emotional and physical toll this takes often results in burn-out, failed relationships and marriages and poor or even self-destructive work behaviour.

Gilmartin does an excellent job of explaining what’s really going on and provides techniques and strategies to identify the problems, prevent them from occurring in the first place, and learning how to cope with them if and when they do occur.


Reviewed by: Tom Rataj

142 Pages

Publisher: E-S Press

ISBN-10: 0971725403

ISBN-13: 978-0971725409

Available at: 

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