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Edmonton officers upset with photo radar

June 12, 2019  By Renée Francoeur

CTV News says it has learned Edmonton police officers are paying their own photo radar fines, even if they’re caught speeding while heading to an emergency.

More from the media outlet below:

“It is frustrating for the frontline, and it’s frustrating from us because we hear it from the front line members when members come in and say I can’t believe I’m getting this,” said Mike Elliott, president of the Edmonton Police Association.

Officers don’t have to pay the ticket out of their own pocket if they can prove they were on their way to an important call. But Elliott said the process is time consuming.

EPS policy also requires officers to stop at red lights before going through an intersection when responding to a call.

Recently, an officer was found guilty of insubordination for stopping a few feet past the stop line while heading to a call.

It’s another policy the chief plans to look into.

“The whole thing is under review, it’s one of the things that I ordered a review on very shortly after I took office,” said Chief Dale McFee.


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