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Alberta Mountie dies from injuries after vehicle hits concrete barrier on way to call

An Alberta RCMP officer who died in vehicle crash while responding to a call Monday was remembered as a hard worker with a strong sense of responsibility. Const. Harvinder Dhami, a member of the Strathcona County detachment east of Edmonton, who was affectionately known as Harvey, died while driving to help other officers with a noise complaint.

Signs calling for police to search landfills taped to Winnipeg police headquarters

Protesters attending a rally honouring an Indigenous woman whose remains were recovered at a landfill taped their protest signs to the windows of the Winnipeg Police Service headquarters, demanding officials investigate the death further and search the city’s dumps for the bodies of other missing women.

City of Grande Prairie opens up applications for police commission

The City of Grande Prairie has begun the recruitment process to fill roles on the Grande Prairie Police Commission which will act as the oversight body of the Grande Prairie Police Service. The city is accepting applications until April 18.

Union for RCMP 911 operators calls for recruitment plan to address staff shortages

The union that represents the RCMP’s emergency dispatchers and operators is calling on the force to come up with a recruitment plan to fix worsening staff shortages. CUPE Local 104 president Kathleen Hippern said hundreds of people are off on long-term sick leave, and she knows of many more who are looking for an exit.

N.S. mass shooting: how gun smuggling happened, and the inquiry’s call for reforms

A decade before a Nova Scotia man used smuggled guns to murder 22 people in the province in 2020, police information systems had labelled him as a firearms risk. Yet those records never found their way to the Canada Border Services Agency, and they didn’t prevent the mass shooter from obtaining a Nexus card – granting him status as a low-risk traveller.


Introducing Gamber-Johnson’s Newest Universal Console Solution

Available now, the wide body console comes standard with a locking storage pocket, versatile mounting options and ample mounting space. » Learn more!

A lasting impact on the community

Blue Line is proud to present the 2023 Lifetime in Law Enforcement Achievement Award to Provincial Constable Dwight Lundgren of the Ontario Provincial Police. The award is presented to an individual who has shown exceptional leadership, dedication and passion towards their work in law enforcement for more than 15 years. By Brittani Schroeder. » Read now

Vehicle testing: Results from the Michigan State Police 2023 vehicle trials

Every fall the Michigan State Police, in conjunction with the U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ), test the handling and performance of every new police vehicle on the market for the coming year in back-to-back acceleration, braking and lap time tests. These eagerly anticipated tests are seen as the most comprehensive analysis of police vehicles in North America. The Michigan State Police yearly vehicle test for the 2023 model year will mark the 25th year that Blue Line has been compiling and reporting the results of the tests for pursuit-rated police category vehicles. By Dave Brown. » Read now
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Open solutions make easy integrations.

Open platform technology can make some of the most challenging jobs at least a bit easier. Whether you choose an end-to-end solution or utilize something existing, Axis Body Worn solutions will help you do a better-than-ever job of deterring, protecting, and gathering documentation and forensic evidence. And, of course, Axis body-worn solutions always give you superior image quality and video that’s easy to understand and interpret and holds up in court. Completely customizable. Easily integrated. » Learn more about Axis Body Worn solutions here!

Blue Line, The Podcast: Public safety personnel and mental health with Dr. Jody Burnett

In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder was joined by Dr. Jody Burnett, a Registered Doctoral Psychologist with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists and a High Performance Consultant who has been providing service to the general public, specializing in service provision to first responders and public safety personnel for the past 20 years. In this conversation, they spoke about Dr. Burnett’s research on women in public safety and what mental health supports are out there for all public safety personnel. » Listen now


Police and religion: Why religious literacy is important for all law enforcement members

It isn’t news that police services across the country are working with increasingly diverse communities. To serve these communities well, officers should have religious literacy. Knowing something about the practices, customs and beliefs of Canada’s religious communities helps open the doors to trusting relationships. The challenge is that, in Canada, we rarely talk about religion and many of us know of only one religion, or none at all. For many reasons, that needs to change. By Brian Carwana. » Read now


Increasing transparency and facilitating training with body worn solutions

Our cities and towns are becoming busy places as they grow to accommodate new citizens. Canada aims to welcome 431,645 new permanent residents in 2022, 447,055 in 2023 and 451,000 in 2024. The rapid urbanization of our communities means that local law enforcement departments are having to look at things with a new lens, doing their jobs with a different perspective to meet today’s complex challenges. By Kevin Taylor. » Read now


Canadian Police Ceremonial Training Course

Location: Aylmer, Ont.
Date: Apr. 24, 2023
» More info

14th Annual Law of Policing Conference, Eastern Edition

Location: Toronto, Ont.
Date: May 3 - 4, 2023
» More info

Police Religious Literacy Program

Location: Toronto, Ont.
Date: May 3 - 5, 2023
» More info

25th Annual Chief of Police Dinner

Location: Toronto, Ont.
Date: May 4, 2023
» More info

OACP & Blue Line Expo 2023

Location: Mississauga, Ont.
Date: May 9, 2023
» More info