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Our online Graduate Diploma fosters vital leadership skills and empowers active duty officers to navigate a dynamic policing landscape.
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New, improved stun gun is accepted for police use in B.C., province says

A statement from the Ministry of Public Safety says the Taser 7 offers the ability to discharge a second shot without reloading a new cartridge and its short-distance shooting range option, among other “enhancements.”

OPP, Montreal police nab 34 in Project Volcano, aimed at Ontario car theft suspects

The arrests are part of Project Volcano, an operation by Ontario and Quebec police forces that took place over three days this week in the greater Montreal area.

Strategic Solutions: Combating Auto Theft

Auto theft poses a significant threat to public safety and property, demanding a unified and strategic response from law enforcement agencies. In this webinar, our distinguished guest speakers, Det. Scott Cresswell of York Regional Police and Det. Greg O’Connor of Peel Regional Police, will shed light on the initiatives and practices employed to combat the rising tide of vehicle theft.

Former police board member claims Victoria police face ‘crisis of integrity’

A former member of the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board says a complaint he filed against the Victoria Police Department is about shoring up public trust between the community and the police.

Charges against OPP officers dropped in child's shooting death: police association

Charges have been dropped against three Ontario Provincial Police officers who had been accused in the fatal shooting of an 18-month-old boy during a child abduction investigation, the police union said Monday.

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Can Exercise Lead to Better Sleep?

Quality sleep is not just a luxury – it’s a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. If you have been struggling with insomnia or poor sleep, you may be wondering if exercise can help you sleep better.

The simple answer is yes. However, the reality is more complex, as sleep and exercise share a two-way relationship. To understanding why, let’s take a look at how physical activity during the day can help you sleep well at night.

Adopting an exercise routine can improve your sleep, while getting enough sleep at night may in turn help you stay energetic during the day. In fact, even moderate exercise can have a positive impact on sleep, reducing the severity of sleep disorders and helping prevent insomnia.
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From heroes to humans: Recognizing vulnerability in law enforcement

The work of a police officer is not a linear process that can be anticipated; the real world is unpredictable. In the current cultural context, the variable public opinion related to policing specifically has given rise to increased scrutiny and, likely, increased stress. Modern-day policing is tough. Officers may need additional support and may be vulnerable to stress at different points in their careers. By Toni Harrington. » Read now

Police notebooks in a digital age: Making the switch for your agency

The British barrister Michael Mansfield, when discussing police actions, is often credited with stating, “If it is not written down, it didn’t happen.” To paraphrase – if the police do not have a written record of what they say they have done, their claims cannot be trusted. By John Buckley. » Read now

Blue Line, The Podcast: What is moral injury, and how do we address it?

Moral injury is widely understudied, especially where it concerns first responders and veterans. Because of this, moral injury is seen differently by officers, leaders, and clinicians. In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder is joined by Chief Mental Health Officer Derek Sienko, Lucie Tremblay, who is a retired deputy chief of Via Rail Canada and retired Senior Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces, and Phil Lancaster, a retired police detective, to discuss what changes need to be made in policing organizations to address moral injury. » Listen now

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2024 | Ontario Highway Traffic Act - Law Enforcement Edition

This practical resource includes the most common Highway Traffic Act (HTA) offences. You get the full text of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and Regulations, plus a quick reference guide that explains what is needed to assist the prosecution in a variety of HTA offences.

New and updated in this edition: This edition introduces helpful points to consider regarding pedestrian crossovers, failing to yield to pedestrians, and passing/following emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and bicycles.
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Better budgeting: Finding better and more efficient ways to do business

In today’s society, the police have been increasingly responsible for much more than the core functions of public safety. Officers are now expected to solve a variety of problems that develop in the community, from resolving noise complaints and reversing overdoses, to de-escalating behavioural health crises. This change in the ever-expanding role of the police also raises questions on how policing agencies are supposed to fund these tasks, investigations, mental health calls, and more. By Brittani Schroeder. » Read now


Two generations of community service: Special Constable Ryan Moore joins father at U of T Campus Safety

Ryan Moore’s path to becoming a Special Constable at U of T Mississauga wasn’t easy. To stay motivated as he gained the necessary skills and experience through security jobs, workouts and volunteering, he’d often visualize receiving the badge. When that moment finally came, he says it was even better than he imagined. By Megan Easton. » Read now


2024 Canadian Hazmat & CBRNE Summit

Location: Kitchener, Ont.
Date: Apr. 8 - 10, 2024
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Canadian Police Ceremonial Training Course 2024

Location: Calgary, Alta.
Date: April 22 - 25, 2024
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Police Tech Conference & Expo

Location: Mississauga, Ont.
Date: April 30 - May 1, 2024
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