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Manitoba Government expands joint police, mental health response to better support individuals in crisis

The Manitoba government is providing $414,000 to expand the Alternative Response to Citizens in Crisis (ARCC) initiative that provides on-site support to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis in Winnipeg, Mental Health and Community Wellness Minister Janice Morley-Lecomte has announced.

NPF recommends creation of a fully independent public complaints body

Against the backdrop of parliamentary hearings held this week by the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to study Bill C-20, the National Police Federation appeared before the Committee and has submitted recommendations on ways to improve investigative efficiency, transparency and accountability with respect to public complaints against members of the RCMP.

Gananoque to host Law Enforcement Torch Run

This year marks the 36th edition of the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, the largest public awareness vehicle and grassroots fundraiser for Special Olympics.

Eighth Annual Police Hero of the Year Awards program winners and finalists announced

This comes after encouraging the public to submit nominations to recognize the work of outstanding police personnel who have gone beyond their call of duty to protect and serve their communities.

Ottawa police officer confronted child for flipping the bird: human rights lawyer

The actions of an Ottawa police officer are under review after cops allegedly pulled over a school bus because a boy gave them the middle finger.


Thinking Differently, together.
The Safety of Our Cities Conference
September 18-20, 2023

The Edmonton Police Service and Edmonton Police Foundation are pleased to host The Safety of Our Cities Conference. This event will bring together members from law enforcement, social services, health, and other sectors to tackle complex public health and safety issues. » Learn more

Police post traumatic stress injuries

Police officers are often the first on the scene to respond to events that involve highly stressful and sometimes dangerous situations. These duties place them at an increased risk of developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). By Iris Torchalla. » Read now

Clothing and duty gear 2023

Having the right gear can make a difference in your work performance, your training and your overall day. We tried out some of the latest gear for law enforcement and are sharing our experiences. By Hilary Rodela and Brendan Rodela. » Read now
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NEW | The Wicked Problems of Police Reform in Canada

This book looks at police reform in Canada, focusing on four particular wicked problems (mental health, substance misuse, homelessness, missing persons) with causes and potential preventative treatments that lie primarily outside the criminal justice system and yet continue to be treated as ‘policing problems.’ Bringing about changes in public policing requires changes in public policy, and these are precisely the types of wicked problems that need innovative policy solutions.

» Order your copy today!

Blue Line, The Podcast: How policing is changing in Canada, with CPS Deputy Chief Raj Gill

In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder was joined by Deputy Chief Raj Gill of the Calgary Police Service to talk about policing in Calgary, how policing is changing in Canada and where policing might be headed. » Read More...


Inspiration and collaboration or motivation and competition? Language matters!

In this day and age, words are exchanged, processed and responded to. One word may have many meanings depending on the inflection of speech, paralanguage, delivery and various other aspects that impact the reception of these words. We use words such as ‘gratitude’ and ‘appreciation’ interchangeably, when these two words actually have very different and distinct meanings. By Michelle Vincent. » Read now


The evolution of a new school resource officer program

Since 1996, the CaPS has employed a full time SRO to serve all 10 schools in the city, which includes roughly 3,500 students. Much like other programs across Canada and the U.S., the SRO was responsible for the delivery of the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program to grade six and grade eight students, in addition to coordinating safety activities and managing any issues that developed in any of the schools. By John Corbett. » Read now


C.A.P.E. 2023 Conference

Location: Calgary, Alta.
Date: June 20 - 22, 2023
» More info

Peel First Responders Recognition BBQ 2023

Location: Caledon, Ont.
Date: June 24, 2023
» More info

2023 World Police & Fire Games

Location: Winnipeg, Man.
Date: July 28, 2023
» More info

118th CACP Annual Summit

Location: Ottawa, Ont.
Date: Aug. 20 - 22, 2023
» More info