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Officer deaths make recruitment more challenging: police chiefs association

Joe Couto, the director of government relations with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, says the recent death of an Ontario Provincial Police officer is a shock to the entire policing community and a reminder of the risks officers face every day.

New survey confirms ongoing strong support for retaining Surrey RCMP, resistance to B.C. taxpayers funding Surrey Police Service

Key findings from a Pollara Strategic Insights online survey of 1,103 Lower Mainland residents, conducted May 3 to 7, 2023, reveals that a majority of Surrey residents and a plurality of Lower Mainland residents support retaining the RCMP in Surrey and do not want provincial tax dollars to subsidize the new Surrey Police Service.

The high cost of policing all of the expanded Woodstock community

At the Woodstock council meeting on May 17, Mayor Trina Jones unveiled details from an expansive policing comparison and a proposed alternative model submitted to Justice and Public Safety Minister Kris Austin. The comparison shows policing costs would more than double from over $3.2 million to more than $7.7 million for coverage on the expanded municipality.


Blue Line, The Podcast: Strengthening city policing with technology

In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder was joined by Sophie Laplante, an expert in surveillance solutions for cities and first responders, from Axis Communications. The conversation focuses on aspects of city policing that can be strengthened by technology and intelligent analytics. » Listen now

Better budgeting: Finding better and more efficient ways to do business

In today’s society, the police have been increasingly responsible for much more than the core functions of public safety. Officers are now expected to solve a variety of problems that develop in the community, from resolving noise complaints and reversing overdoses, to de-escalating behavioural health crises. This change in the ever-expanding role of the police also raises questions on how policing agencies are supposed to fund these tasks, investigations, mental health calls, and more. By Brittani Schroeder. » Read More...


Safety risks in electric vehicle crashes: Suggestions for law enforcement officers on the scene of a serious wreck

You are the first officer at the scene of a serious vehicle crash and you suspect one of the damaged vehicles is a hybrid or fully electric vehicle. There may be people still inside and bystanders milling about. What is the first thing you do? By Dave Brown. » Read More...


“Not your stereotypical alcoholic”: A retired sergeant’s journey through addiction

Hello, my name is Mim, and I am an alcoholic. My last drink was on June 2, 2012. That night can be not only described as my absolute rock bottom, but most certainly as the worst, most disgraceful, dishonourable and appalling moments of my life. While it was my worst night, one that to this day I feel crushing remorse for, it was also the best thing that could have happened to me. By Miriam Dickson. » Read More...


Rampart Range Day & Expo 2023

Location: Ottawa, Ont.
Date: May 30, 2023
» More info

C.A.P.E. 2023 Conference

Location: Calgary, Alta.
Date: June 20 - 22, 2023
» More info

2023 World Police & Fire Games

Location: Winnipeg, Man.
Date: July 28 - Aug. 6 2023
» More info

118th CACP Annual Summit

Location: Ottawa, Ont.
Date: August 20 - 22, 2023
» More info