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RCMP relaxes recreational cannabis use policy for officers

The new substance use policy replaces a 2018 one that required front-line officers and many other employees in “safety-sensitive” positions to refrain from recreational cannabis use for four weeks before duty.

Montreal police cite new strategies for homicide drop, but critics say there’s a cost

Montreal police say a year-over-year drop in the number of homicides in the city is a sign that violence-prevention and crime-fighting strategies are paying off.

Edmonton police investigate extortions, arsons targeting South Asian community

Police said Thursday they’re investigating 27 events since October that they believe have been orchestrated from India, where people have demanded money from homebuilders in exchange for protection.

Forcillo tells inquest feedback on use of force would have been helpful

A former Toronto police officer who shot a teen on an empty streetcar more than a decade ago told a coroner’s inquest Tuesday it would have been helpful to receive feedback from superiors on his use of force before that fatal incident.

Tech-enabled community-police collaborations for crime-solving • WEBINAR

How can you empower communities and police agencies to connect? The CAMSafe program is an innovative tool that began in Belleville, Ont., in 2021, but has spread across Ontario as a movement allowing the public to partner with police to solve crime and keep communities safe. Learn about how a barrier-free camera registry program that leverages technology can help law enforcement find evidence at no cost to police agencies or communities.


Connecting the dots for police intelligence: How to better understand and improve how policing strategies are playing out in communities

What can police agencies do with all the data they have access to? How can it be used effectively and efficiently? How can we find the complex relationship in the raw data to transform it into meaningful pictures for decision-makers? It is time to connect the dots rather than just collecting them. By Jin Y Xie. » Read now

Creating a Canadian database of police use of force incidents: Part 2

For a national use-of-force database to be useful, police services must report on all relevant incidents. As is evident in the U.S., when reporting is voluntary, it is challenging to get police services to provide their data.2 This drastically reduces the value of a national use-of-force database. By Audrey MacIsaac, Andrew Brown, Bryce Jenkins, Ariane-Jade Khanizadeh, Tori Semple and Craig Bennell. » Read now
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Behind Her Badge: A Woman’s Journey into and out of Law Enforcement

Follow one women’s extraordinary story from abuse and neglect to resilience and strength through her experiences as a ‘badass cop’. "Ann Marie Dennis has written a frank, but disturbing personal memoir of her time spent as a police officer in and around Pontiac, Michigan. This is a narrative that holds little back, recounting both a grim and abusive childhood and a growing sense of self, realized largely through her varied work encounters in the enigmatic world of policing. This is a treatment of some of the good, the bad, and the ugly of police work as told by a compassionate and observant woman who has been there and has much to say." -- John Van Maanen, author of Tales of the Field » Order your copy today!

Blue Line, The Podcast: The invisible enemy with Stephanie Samuels and Jim Alvarez

In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder sat down with Stephanie Samuels and Jim Alvarez of CopLine to talk about mental health, the stigma officers face, research being done into concussions and their effects, and why a confidential hotline is important for the first responder industry. » Read More...


Counterfeit currency: How the RCMP, law enforcement and the Bank of Canada combat fake money

Counterfeiting currency is not a new crime. In fact, people have been creating fake money going as far back as the fifth century. So why is this still happening in 2023? How can law enforcement and the banks keep this from happening? From creating new polymer bank notes, to launching projects and initiatives and working with municipal law enforcement agencies, the RCMP shares the details that you should know, so you can help stop this crime. By Brittani Schroeder and Michael Scott-Doornink. » Read now


No reasonable expectation of privacy in motel guest’s name and number

Alberta’s top court has found that a guest at a motel did not have an objectively reasonable expectation of privacy when his name and phone number were provided to police, upon request, by the manager. By Mike Novakowski. » Read now


Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police 2024 AWIP ON Conference

Location: Mississauga, Ont.
Date: Feb. 13 - 16, 2024
» More info

Employment Conference and CSPA Summit

Location: Toronto, Ont.
Date: Feb. 26 - 28, 2024
» More info

OACP & Blue Line Expo 2024

Location: Ottawa, Ont.
Date: Mar. 26, 2024
» More info

Security • Police • Fire Career Expo

Location: Mississauga, Ont.
Date: Mar. 27, 2024
» More info