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Black people disproportionately stopped, searched by Toronto police: report

Black people in Toronto are disproportionately stopped and searched by police despite the Ontario government’s efforts to regulate so-called “street checks,” the Ontario Human Rights Commission reported Thursday as it concluded a multi-year inquiry into anti-Black racism and discrimination within the Toronto force.

Indigenous groups, Manitoba RCMP partner to address violence in communities

Indigenous groups and Manitoba RCMP are partnering to implement some recommendations in the final report from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Peel Police Services Board extends Chief Nishan Duraiappah’s contract to 2028

Chief Duraiappah, who assumed the role on Oct. 1, 2019, has been instrumental in advancing the vision and mission of the Police Services Board and Peel Regional Police and has demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout his tenure.

Hierarchical police, military and CSIS in need of harassment reckoning: professor

Statistics Canada released a report last week saying 3.5 per cent of regular armed forces members reported being sexually assaulted in the military workplace or by a military member in the previous 12 months. That is more than double the rates reported in 2016 and 2018.

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Animal Cruelty Investigations: A Collaborative Approach from Victim to Verdict

Animal Cruelty Investigations provides a framework for the experts who respond to animal cruelty cases: law enforcement agencies, veterinarians, animal care and control organizations, and prosecutors. This book is a practical guide which provides insight and direction for every phase of an animal cruelty investigation and is designed to empower readers to respond to animal cruelty cases confidently and effectively. » Order Your Copy

The power of community engagement: A safer future for law enforcement

Law enforcement is an industry that stands out, namely, for the risks associated with the job, as well as the very long tenure of the workforce. Generous pension plans make it more and more difficult for officers to leave their position, and as the officers age, the duty becomes more and more difficult on their physical and mental health. It becomes a toll on the employers as well, who bear the costs of officers going on leave, which explains the investments made in researching solutions to make the day-to-day easier and safer for all. By Julien Heon. » Read now

Q&A: Hi Nguyen

Recently, editor Brittani Schroeder spoke with Hi Nguyen, a retired member of the RCMP and current Director of Protection Services at the University of Ottawa, about the importance of investing in oneself to become the best leader for your team. » Read now

Blue Line, The Podcast: A dive into mental health research

Mental health is a topic Blue Line, The Podcast has looked at before, and as much talk as there has been in law enforcement about removing the stigma of seeking help, it still exists. In this episode, editor Brittani Schroeder is joined by Chief Mental Health Officer Derek Sienko to talk about the mental health challenges faced by police officers, and where the change might need to come from. » Read More...


Sexual offending in a transit environment: Closing the gap between theory and prevention

Research on sexual offences on transit mostly focused on rates of occurrence, perceptions of fear, and categorizations of offences. However, research has also not led to much policy and practical implementation regarding women’s safety on transit. There appears to be a gap research and practice, and police may be able to bring the gap with data available to them. By Justin Biggs. » Read now


A call for interview training reform

Training on investigative interviewing has a key role in the translation of research into practice. With regards to the impact of training, what matters is the content and methods used in the training. By Davut Akca. » Read now


BCACP/CACP Police Leadership Conference

Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Date: Jan. 21 - 23, 2024
» More info

Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police 2024 AWIP ON Conference

Location: Mississauga, Ont.
Date: Feb. 13 - 16, 2024
» More info

OACP & Blue Line Expo 2024

Location: Ottawa, Ont.
Date: Mar. 26, 2024
» More info

Security • Police • Fire Career Expo

Location: Mississauga, Ont.
Date: Mar. 27, 2024
» More info