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Feds unveil national plan to tackle auto theft, including Criminal Code changes

Ramped-up intelligence sharing among police forces and a working group involving all levels of government are among the measures Ottawa unveiled Monday as part of a broader national strategy to combat auto theft.

City of Saint John ‘vicariously liable’ for police officer’s sexual abuse of children

Canada’s highest court dismissed a bid by the City of Saint John to overturn a ruling that found the city bears some responsibility for the sexual abuse of children by a member of its police force who served between 1953 and 1975.

New Police Paradigm: Real-time Situational Awareness and Geotargeting • WEBINAR

On May 30 at 11am EST, join us for an insightful webinar on how BlackBerry is revolutionizing policing with BlackBerry AtHoc, a leader in networked crisis communications. AtHoc stands as a beacon of innovation in networked crisis communications, bridging the communication gap between entities during emergencies and critical events, ensuring the seamless exchange of authoritative information in real-time.

NPF disappointed following Minister’s politicised National Police Week message

Brian Sauvé, President and CEO of the National Police Federation, recently made a statement in response to Alberta Public Safety and Emergency Services Minister Mike Ellis’ statement for National Police Week.

Chief Sydney Lecky welcomed in change of command ceremony

Chief Lecky assumes the mantle of leadership with a wealth of experience garnered over 29 years in policing, including distinguished roles within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

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Promote and maintain communities that are happy, healthy, and safe

This 2nd edition of Transforming Community Policing demonstrates how police can empower community actors to address complex social issues in a way that fosters community growth and development, minimizing the need for police-led emergency response. By translating theories into practical strategies, this text will teach readers to recognize social risk factors, foster community development, identify crime trends, and confront today’s challenges to community policing.
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The future of public safety: Highlights from Security • Police • Fire Career Expo in Vancouver

Building on the success of last year’s events in Toronto and Calgary, the Security • Police • Fire Career Expo expanded to three locations in 2024, with its latest installment held in Vancouver. On Thursday, May 16, industry professionals in public safety gathered at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre Concourse & Segal Centre to scout for promising new recruits. By Brittani Schroeder. » Read now

Staying prepared: Why law enforcement must remain diligent with disinfection

Daily, law enforcement and corrections officers are faced with unpredictable pathogenetic exposures. To protect officers from these and other contagions, police departments should adopt and maintain best practices for decontaminating all offices, correctional facilities and police vehicles. By Ron Brown. » Read now

Blue Line, The Podcast: Officer reintegration after trauma

Members of law enforcement face traumatic incidents quite often as they carry out their duties. But how can we support those members as they return to work? In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder is joined by Chief Mental Health Officer Derek Sienko and RCMP S/Sgt. Ray Savage to talk about the National Reintegration Program, how first responders return to work after traumatic incidents and the gap that exists between clinicians and employers. » Listen now


Pitching positivity: The story of London Police Service’s long-standing youth baseball league

In the heart of a diverse and bustling city, a unique baseball league has quietly been making a difference over the past three decades. Organized and staffed by dedicated London Police Service (LPS) officers and civilian staff, and London Middlesex Housing staff, this league has become a symbol of hope, unity and opportunity for less privileged youth, aged eight to 12 years old, living in subsidized housing. By Chris Golder and Evan Harrison. » Read now


Solving recruitment and retention issues in law enforcement

Instead of the iconic saying, “Houston, we have a problem,” we may want to start saying “North America, we have a problem” regarding the police recruitment and retention predicament we are currently experiencing. By Tom Wetzel. » Read now


CACOLE 2024 Conference

Location: Calgary, Alta.
Date: May 27 - 29, 2024
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CACP Symposium on MMIWG2S+

Location: Saskatoon, Sask.
Date: June 3 - 5, 2024
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