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Criminals becoming more violent, says Dawson Creek RCMP detachment commander

Dawson Creek detachment commander Staff Sgt. Rob Hughes says criminals are more likely to respond with violence when caught, a noticeable change over the past twenty years of policing.

2023 Minister of Justice National Youth Justice Policing Award presented to Saint-Eustache Police Service

At this year's CACP conference, Constable Jessica Bonneville of the Saint-Eustache Police Service in Quebec was presented with the award for her leadership in the Toucher le sommet project. The prize recognizes her innovative and creative ways of dealing with youth in contact with the criminal justice system.

No criminal charges for Halifax police officer who killed man pointing shotgun

Nova Scotia’s independent police watchdog says the officer thought his life was in danger and that he was justified to shoot the man on Aug. 27, 2022.

From refugee to role model: A Toronto police officer’s inspiring journey of hope and community

In a story of hope, Mustafa Popalzai, now a Detective Constable of the Toronto Police Service’s Homicide Unit and co-founder of Project Hope, reflects on his journey from Afghanistan to Canada. His journey, with its ups and downs, led him to become an inspiring example.

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Calgary police committed to advancing women in the policing profession

Women have made significant strides in the policing profession over the past few decades through increased presence and extracurricular engagement, especially in Calgary. The Calgary Police Service is committed to advancing and supporting women in the Service and recognizes that more work must be done to eliminate barriers. In support of that commitment and to attract more women to pursue a policing career, uniforms specifically designed for women, recruitment boot-camps for women, and women in policing committees are available. » Learn more

Grounds for arrest not to be assessed in isolation

When assessing whether a police officer has met the reasonable grounds threshold for a lawful arrest, is important for a trial judge to consider the contextual background of the officer’s investigation and not look at each individual fact in a piecemeal fashion. » Read now

Addressing the unique needs of public safety personnel and their families

As first responders, we are all aware of the sobering statistics on our vulnerability towards serious mental health issues and operational stress injuries. From depression and anxiety to post-traumatic stress symptoms/injuries—at times comorbid with addiction—the likelihood that we will screen positive for one of these is 45 per cent, according to Carleton et al., (2022). » Read now
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Women in Policing around the World

Women in Policing around the World is a historical, legal, political, and social examination of women in policing. The book opens with a comparison of cultural definitions of gender and how this affects women’s work in general and policing specifically. The book then takes the reader through women in policing in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, featuring several countries within the major regions of the world. Major commonalities and differences are identified in the areas of recruitment, training, deployment, promotion, and violence against women.

This book is for researchers and students of police culture and women in policing. It does not rely heavily on one country or region, thus allowing for an enlightening international comparison. » Learn More

Blue Line, The Podcast: Bail reform – A conversation with CPS Chief Mark Neufeld

Earlier this year, the calls for bail reform were being made by both police leadership and province Premiers across Canada. Chief Mark Neufeld of the Calgary Police Service was among them, and has spoken up on this issue many times, hoping change will soon be made. In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder speaks with Chief Neufeld on this important topic, and what our next steps as a country might be in order to keep our communities safe. » Listen now


Decision-making strategies

Decision-making in use of force situations often comes with time pressures and an incomplete understanding of the totality of the events. Gary Klein, an experimental cognitive psychologist who studies high performers in the military and law enforcement, believes that decision-making is driven by the expert’s perception of information. By Jeff Johnsgaard. » Read now


Texting for help

On an early Wednesday morning in April 2015, dispatchers at Metro Vancouver Transit Police received a text message, “Going commercial between Renfrew and commervial(sp) guy holding knife drunk. Plz send someone”. A man experiencing a drug-induced psychosis was threatening passengers with a knife. Officers immediately responded to the text and he was quickly apprehended. By Sherri St. Cyr. » Read now


Axon Innovate Canada

Location: Toronto, Ont.
Date: Sep. 14, 2023
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The Safety of Our Cities Conference

Location: Edmonton, Alta.
Date: Sep. 18 - 20, 2023
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26th Annual Fraud and Anti-Counterfeiting Conference

Location: Toronto, Ont.
Date: Sep. 19 - 21, 2023
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InterOp Canada 2023

Location: Virtual
Date: Oct. 11, 2023
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