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Police told to take training on pursuits after fatal wrong-way GTA highway crash

Police officers and emergency dispatchers in Durham Region have been instructed to complete a mandatory training course on suspect pursuits within the next two months in light of a wrong-way highway crash that killed an infant and his grandparents.

B.C. creates a special homicide unit as gangs involved in 46 per cent of murders

British Columbia is forming a new police unit tasked with investigating gang-related homicides, saying almost 50 per cent of the murders in the province last year were connected to gangland crimes.

After B.C.’s walk-back, uncertainty clouds Toronto decriminalization bid

Toronto’s bid to decriminalize the possession of illegal drugs for personal use has been plunged into uncertainty in recent days, as drug policy experts suggest political debates over British Columbia’s backtracking on the issue have hurt the city’s application.

RCMP boss expresses desire for new law to deal with threats against politicians

RCMP commissioner Mike Duheme says he wants the government to look at drafting a new law that would make it easier for police to pursue charges against people who threaten elected officials.

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Behind Her Badge: A Woman’s Journey into and out of Law Enforcement

Follow one women’s extraordinary story from abuse and neglect to resilience and strength through her experiences as a ‘badass cop’. "Ann Marie Dennis has written a frank, but disturbing personal memoir of her time spent as a police officer in and around Pontiac, Michigan. This is a narrative that holds little back, recounting both a grim and abusive childhood and a growing sense of self, realized largely through her varied work encounters in the enigmatic world of policing. This is a treatment of some of the good, the bad, and the ugly of police work as told by a compassionate and observant woman who has been there and has much to say." -- John Van Maanen, author of Tales of the Field » Order your copy today!

Improving officer morale and safety by protecting their personal data

Police officers risk their lives every time they go to work. It’s what they signed up for when they agreed to protect and serve. However, being harassed, threatened—or worse—outside of work isn’t. Neither is putting their families at risk by association. By Dimitri Shelest. » Read now

Dedication beyond duty: Cst. Chris Nguyen named 2024 Lifetime in Law Enforcement Achievement Award winner

Blue Line is proud to present the 2024 Lifetime in Law Enforcement Achievement Award to Cst. Chris Nguyen of the Taber Police Service. The award is presented to an individual who has shown exceptional leadership, dedication and passion towards their work in law enforcement for more than 15 years. » Read Chris's story now

Blue Line, The Podcast: Officer reintegration after trauma

Members of law enforcement face traumatic incidents quite often as they carry out their duties. But how can we support those members as they return to work? In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder is joined by Chief Mental Health Officer Derek Sienko and RCMP S/Sgt. Ray Savage to talk about the National Reintegration Program, how first responders return to work after traumatic incidents and the gap that exists between clinicians and employers. » Listen now


Do I know what is being said about me, and does it matter?

Officers create their reputation, positive or negative, by their actions over time. If the reputation they have built is positive, it is likely character-driven and intentionally built, while if the reputation is negative, it likely comes from reacting without disciplined thought and care. By Irene Barath » Read now


Using a mobile canvassing application at Barrie Police Service

Most police services are guilty of doing tasks in a certain way simply because it’s the way it’s always been done. One aspect of policing that hasn’t changed in generations is how we canvass the public for information regarding an investigation. By Curtis Graber and Linda Moorhouse. » Read now