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Province grants greater control to municipalities for law enforcement

Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen made a special announcement in Portage la Prairie this week, highlighting significant amendments recently made to the Police Services Act which will provide a wider range of options for rural and urban municipalities to address crime in their communities.

Siksika, Alberta sign letter of intent regarding self administered police service

Siksika Nation Chief Ouray Crowfoot and the Public Safety Task Force have signed a letter of intent with the Government of Alberta regarding the establishment of a self-administered police service. A signing ceremony was held in Calgary, April 24, to formalize the partnership, and the letter will be finalized by sending it to the federal government for signing.

RCMP to increase profile in St. Mary’s communities

In the wake of recent vandalism in Goshen and other areas of St. Mary’s, the RCMP hopes to be more visible in communities across the municipality in the coming year, says district commander for Guysborough County, Corporal Marc Michon.

Crown declines ASIRT recommendation to lay charges against police officer

Alberta Crown prosecutors have declined to press charges against an Edmonton police officer who kicked an Indigenous teenager in the head, despite the province’s police watchdog suggesting it do so.

Four murders investigated in 2022 by Chatham-Kent Police

The Chatham-Kent Police Service investigated four murders in 2022 after there were three homicides in 2021, according to the Major Crime report that was presented at the Police Board’s April monthly meeting. By comparison, there were 11 murders in Chatham-Kent between 2000 and 2020 and only one year with multiple homicides – two in 2006. Arrests were made in all seven murders over the last two years.


Introducing Gamber-Johnson’s Newest Universal Console Solution

Available now, the wide body console comes standard with a locking storage pocket, versatile mounting options and ample mounting space. » Learn more!

A tip in appreciation

Eugene Francois Vidocq, one of the founders of French policing, encouraged and espoused a police service devoid of military affiliation. Later, Sir Robert Peel agreed. Both men argued that the establishment and maintenance of policing must be by public consent. How does policing today measure up to their standards? The recent spate of demands to defund the police in the last few years has certainly put the pressure on for agencies to take a second look at how they can better fulfill their mandate. By Morley Lymburner. » Read now

Safeguarding Canada’s environment and wildlife: New vessel aids wildlife officers in enforcing protection laws

Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) environmental and wildlife enforcement officers work in every province and territory across the country to enforce the laws and regulations that protect and conserve the environment and its biodiversity. Blue Line recently spoke with Jonathan Campagna, Executive Director of Wildlife Enforcement Operations in the ECCC Enforcement Branch, on the role of ECCC enforcement officers, and the addition of a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat to their operations. By Brittani Schroeder. » Read now

NEW TITLE | Cybersecurity in Canada: Operations, Investigations, and Protection

The first-ever introductory cybersecurity resource for a Canadian audience—is designed for both students and professionals, and provides a comprehensive overview of the technical, policy, and operational aspects of cybersecurity from a risk-management perspective.

Cybercrime is an ever-increasing threat to Canadians and Canadian businesses, presenting a huge challenge to companies and institutions. In response, organizations of all types require up to date strategies and techniques to protect themselves and their assets.

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Blue Line, The Podcast: Strengthening city policing with technology

In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder was joined by Sophie Laplante, an expert in surveillance solutions for cities and first responders, from Axis Communications. The conversation focuses on aspects of city policing that can be strengthened by technology and intelligent analytics. » Read More...


Recap: OACP & Blue Line Expo 2023

On May 9, Blue Line and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) welcomed over 240 attendees to the OACP & Blue Line Expo at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ont. This is the second year of partnership between Blue Line and the OACP. Over 70 vendors were present to show off the latest in technology, services and products from the law enforcement, corrections and security industries. This included clothing and boots, virtual reality training systems, law enforcement vehicles, drones, surveillance systems, police pistols, tactical gear, graphics for clothing and vehicles and so much more. By Brittani Schroeder. » Read now


Investigations 101: Lessons from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Case of A Scandal in Bohemia was published in 1892 and is the first found in the collection titled The Adventures of Sherlock Homes. Sherlock Holmes has been synonymous with excellence, indeed perfection, in detective work ever since. Holmes typified the ideal that a solution to a crime required information and that conclusions were quite premature and highly doubtful until all data had been mined and analyzed, and that science, not intuition, was the foundation for all success in police work. By Gilles Renaud. » Read now


Rampart Range Day & Expo 2023

Location: Ottawa, Ont.
Date: May 30, 2023
» More info

C.A.P.E. 2023 Conference

Location: Calgary, Alta.
Date: June 20 - 22, 2023
» More info

2023 World Police & Fire Games

Location: Winnipeg, Man.
Date: July 28, 2023
» More info

118th CACP Annual Summit

Location: Ottawa, Ont.
Date: Aug. 20, 2023
» More info