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Province directs Surrey, B.C., to stay with local police force despite city’s wishes

It was, in British Columbia Solicitor General Mike Farnworth’s own estimation, an “extraordinary” use of his powers. But invoking the Police Act to direct the City of Surrey to move ahead with a transition to a municipal police force – against the wishes of its mayor and council – was necessary to ensure the safety of the Metro Vancouver city, he said.

Manitoba Government providing more than $500,000 to Manitoba RCMP to support child abuse investigations and combat cybercrime

The Manitoba government is providing $519,000 from the proceeds of the Criminal Property Forfeiture (CPF) Fund to the Manitoba RCMP to fund a wide variety of crime prevention measures and victim supports, including funding to support specialized technology in interview rooms at the Toba Centre for Children & Youth and cryptocurrency-tracing software, Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced.

Toronto police dog shot dead during search for armed suspect

A Toronto police dog was killed Tuesday evening while officers were looking for an armed suspect. Police say they were called to the area of Dixon Road and Kipling Avenue after receiving reports of gunshots. They say the dog, named Bingo, was shot and killed during an “interaction.”

B.C. announces new programs and police standards for sexual assault investigations

The British Columbia government is updating sexual assault policing standards to ensure more effective investigations and improved outcomes for survivors. The province announced Monday that it’s committing to providing stable annual funding to 68 sexual assault programs across B.C., while it sets new standards for police to collaborate with victims services workers during investigations.

N.S. officer accepts blame for error in rape probe but says officers could have acted

A Halifax police officer accused of mishandling the investigation of an alleged sexual assault in 2018 says he accepts blame for failing to collect the woman’s clothing as evidence. Const. Bojan Novakovic is testifying before the Nova Scotia Police Review Board in response to a complaint from Carrie Low, who was allegedly abducted and raped by two men on May 18, 2018, in a trailer in the Halifax area.

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Search and Seizure

Search and Seizure provides a practical examination of the evolving body of legal rules and principles that govern how reasonable searches and seizures are conducted. This all-in-one comprehensive guide addresses central concerns and relevant topics such as Section 487 Search Warrants, computer device searches, warrantless searches, and exclusion of evidence and considers the increased complexity of assessing a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy in the digital age.

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A holistic approach to fighting cybercrime: A conversation with the RCMP’s Chris Lynam

Cybercrime is a growing challenge for all of society. Victims can be individuals, businesses, or any kind of organization in Canada. Chris Lynam suggests that the types of cybercrimes are becoming more complex and impactful than what has been seen previously. “In many cases, what we used to consider a serious cybercrime a few years ago, now we wouldn’t think of them as serious.” By Brittani Schroeder. » Read now

Investigations 101: What police officers learn by reading The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Story of “The Yellow Face”

I believe that police officers learn valuable lessons about the demeanour of those they interview, interviewing and investigative skills, judgment and professionalism, by reading classic detective stories. In this series on The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I plan to review each short story to reveal what investigators should do, and what not to do. The second of these is “The Yellow Face”. In brief, a spouse seeks to hide from her second husband the existence of her young child, who wears a yellow mask when looking down onto the street from a nearby house. By Gilles Renaud. » Read now

Blue Line, The Podcast: The invisible enemy with Stephanie Samuels and Jim Alvarez

Mental health is a major topic in the first responders community, and having access to mental health supports and resources is of the utmost importance. In this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, editor Brittani Schroeder sat down with Stephanie Samuels and Jim Alvarez of CopLine to talk about mental health, the stigma officers face, research being done into concussions and their effects, and why a confidential hotline is important for the first responder industry. » Read More...


The strategic constable

With renewed tensions rising out of the United States, the profession of policing is once again under the microscope. Today, there are countless demands for heightened accountability, additional training and even the de-funding of our police services. In times such as these, we might ask ourselves where to turn for guidance. Ever since my transition from the military to policing, I’ve often advocated that we might adopt some of the lessons learned from our military sisters and brothers – specifically the concept of the Strategic Corporal. By Matthew Wood. » Read now


Not meant to make it alone

When we perceive a significant threat to our lives or the lives of others, our sympathetic nervous system is activated. All parts of the body respond to maintain life at all costs and the body’s sole focus is on surviving the crisis at hand. Our hearts beat faster. Pulse and blood pressure increase. Blood flows to the muscles, the heart and the vital organs. The liver releases glucose, which is directed to our muscles for energy. Our breathing speeds up and our lungs dilate, sending more oxygen to our brains. We are more alert, with heightened cognition and sensory awareness. By Colleen Stevenson. » Read now


2023 World Police & Fire Games

Location: Winnipeg, Man.
Date: July 28, 2023
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118th CACP Annual Summit

Location: Ottawa, Ont.
Date: Aug. 20 - 22, 2023
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The Safety of Our Cities Conference

Location: Edmonton, Alta.
Date: Sep. 18 - 20, 2023
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