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About Us

A message from our sponsor

Police and first responder agencies depend on the daily sign-out of equipment to ensure community safety and efficiency. To streamline this critical process, IDALLOGY Inc. has partnered with Zebra Technologies to provide cutting-edge RFID tracking solutions. This webinar will provide in-depth insights into how RFID technology enhances oversight, accountability, and maintenance of your equipment.

Why attend?
  • Exclusive demonstrations: See real-world applications of RFID in action.
  • Expert insights: Learn from industry leaders with firsthand experience.
  • Q&A session: Get your questions answered by our panel of experts.
Don’t miss this chance to see how RFID technology can bring efficiency and reliability to your equipment management.

Reserve your spot now and join us for this informative session!

Monte R. Lucas has over 25 years of successful SALES, Management and Applications background in RFID, “Supply Chain Solutions”, “Security & Visibility”, and “Loss Prevention”. He is an executive qualified in international business, leadership, team building, strategic account sales, business development, partner development, product development, and marketing strategy. Markets knowledge includes Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Distribution, Manufacturing, Aviation, and Security. Lucas is also a Volunteer Firefighter and was the Leader of a Water Rescue Team in Florida (2019-2021), with over 50 water rescues to his credit, and he is certified in JetSki Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue and Vehicle Extrication.
Cris is a retired RCMP Officer and today the CEO and Founder of IDALLOGY Inc. Retiring after 25 years in the field Cris developed an RFID based software solution to help departments keep track of their operational equipment, simplify the sign out process and keep items which are on the shelves in good working order in support of police and public safety. Although Cris has leveraged his operational experience within various policing roles such as Tactical, Covert Ops, VIP protection and Patrol to cater his software to first responder agencies, ANY organization that requires an automated “sign-in/sign-out” solution will benefit from implementing IDALLOGY Inc.’s QTRMaster RFID solution.

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