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Introducing DEFILADE's line of public order shields: where modern police tactics meet modern innovation. Built with impact absorbing, flame resistant polycarbonate. DEFILADE’s shields are lightweight, easy to maneuver with three models to fit your operational requirements. Our available shields:

  • Can be used individually or interlocked together to form a wall or roof
  • Ideal for stand-offs, provides maximum protection from projectiles and direct confrontations
  • Grips are covered in rubber for improved stability and significant reduction in vibration
  • Available in 4ft or 6ft lengths

  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Ideal for quick intervention tactics, allows ability to move through a crowd
  • Can easily be carried with one hand, leaving the other hand free for other equipment

All shields are tested in compliance with:
  • ASTM D1929-20 Standard (Flame resistance)
  • ASTM D3763-18 Standard (Puncture resistance)
  • BS 7971-3 2002 Standard (British Protective Equipment Standard)

DEFILADE products are available in Canada exclusively through Rampart. Contact Rampart today for quotes and pricing.

Modern policing. Modern protection.

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