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Diversity and Indigenous Peoples in Canada, Fifth Edition

July 2, 2024  By Lance Triskle

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By Darion Boyington

ISBN: 978-1772555936

The newly updated edition of Diversity and Indigenous Peoples in Canada by Darion Boyington, a former police officer and now a professor at Mohawk College, transforms the discussion of diversity in Canada. It’s a journey from our past tragedies and successes to our current challenges and opportunities, with an optimistic view of the future of Canada’s multicultural mosaic. In its pages, secondary and post-secondary students and community safety professionals travel from theories of diversity to the practical application of diversity principles. Importantly, case studies reflect perspectives from coast to coast to coast.

The book starts with an introduction to the language of diversity, creating a solid foundation for further exploration. The examples are ripped from current headlines. Specifically, readers are presented with a case study entitled “The Freedom Convoy and the Charter,” which examines the Report of the Public Inquiry into the 2022 Public Order Emergency. By reviewing a summary of the Report, readers reflect upon the impacts following the Canadian government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act in Feb. 2022.

Relationships are fundamental to Indigenous peoples in Canada, and the detailed discussions surrounding the relationships among language, land, and cultures are important given the resurgence of Indigenous languages. Readers explore the development of the relationship between Indigenous peoples and other people in Canada. Further, readers explore the evolving relationship between Indigenous peoples, and municipal, provincial and federal governments and law enforcement.

This book includes a plethora of resources for learners, teachers, professionals, and libraries. For ease of learning, key terms are highlighted throughout the book and are defined in the margins. Chapter summaries and review questions help affirm readers’ knowledge, and discussion questions and references encourage learners to further explore diversity in Canada.

As a professor myself in a college community safety program, I highly recommend Diversity and Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Readers progress from examining various fundamental questions surrounding diversity to probing pressing issues in our multicultural society and asking deeper questions about the future of diversity in Canada. Special emphasis is placed on the importance of developing “diversity competency” for community safety professionals and students. Ultimately, readers are encouraged to share their culture with others to create a country that sees the importance of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

– Lance Triskle, LLB, LLM is Anishinabe of Red Rock Indian Band and is a professor at Georgian College. Author of Guide to Martins’ Annual Criminal Code, 3rd Edition.

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